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Flash mobs trophy


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Ooof that's no good. For what it's worth I noticed that when I do trick or time trial events prior to a mass race the starting count down tends to show either "beat the clock" or "get ready to score" which would usually result in it not being tracked I'm Ubisoft connect. However, it seems that the trophy tracking doesn't go off the connect value. I got it at 46 as it read in Ubisoft connect but i was at about 50-51 mass races based on my own count.


Not really sure what else to tell ya. Maybe reach out to Ubisoft support maybe they can help you out.


So glad I got the plat today. The first 20 mass races are fun but after that it gets a bit stale. I recommend doing them in go pro mode to spice things up if you are getting bored.

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