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Save Transfer and other questions


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1 - It has been said by many that the trophies can all be gotten in Ad-Hoc and so the shutdown of the online is not an issue. However, what of the save transfer between Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta? Does that use online to occur or is it local somehow? Vita games when deleted delete your save file also (got to back it up to keep it) so that makes me think it likely is done online.

2 - Not really a concern for me as I'll be using the PS Plus version of Soul Sacrifice, but for the sake of others who might have this query. The Network pass, obviously no physical copy of the game today is going to have one that operates so if you are in the situation where you want to get a physical copy... does the no network pass shut you out of Ad-Hoc? 

3 - Soul Sacrifice seems to have a nice amount of DLC, seem mostly to be missions. Worth doing? I take it they're all in Delta? I do see that there are DLC Black Rites which make that particular trophy quicker.

4 - General game question relating to Soul Sacrifice but maybe the second one too. Is it best to say sacrifice everyone until you max that particular stat and have all the missions unlocked via it done? Or would saving everyone be better to do first? It seems like each boss monster has an ally that goes with it so save each one once at least? Though it seems like sacrificing gets you a spell(?) so it optimal as you're playing for the first time to sacrifice them the first time, do the related quests to sacrificing, and then redo it to save them and do the related quests?

5 - It seems like the top allies are Save/Sacrifice types and will actually leave, requiring you to pay currency, if you do too much of the other type, but there are neutral allies who seemingly won't care either way. What would be optimal here?


Answering my own questions for anyone who might check this thread out in future:


1 - Save transfer is local so no online uploading needed.

2 - Don't believe the no network pass shuts you out of Ad-Hoc.

3 - DLC is basically a waste of time in that it doesn't in anyway really speed up the base game or Delta by doing it. The Heretic Saviour questline that was added in during an update is worth doing though as they'll be marked as done in Delta.

4 - You want to sacrifice basic enemies and save archfiends, with the exception of when an Avalon pact has a sacrifice and save path in which case you should sacrifice the archfiend first, do unlocked missions, and then go back and save it. Also at times you'll want to sacrifice some bosses for their Soul Essences to unlock certain sigils, though I would not go crazy here. It is simply not worth wasting time trying to get boss ++s and even +s can be annoying. A nice thing though is all the grinding you'll do of the Hydra should net you some ++ SEs which are actually useful in Delta as they'll give you early access to a +50% damage sigil. Speaking of carrying over stuff, make sure you get both rewards off the final boss for saving/sacrificing him. 

5 - Kaldr who is recruited from VII.1 is far and away the best ally. Your second ally you have more freedom in but Tirsus gotten from Child of a Monster.4 might be the best for the second slot. 

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