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What are people's thoughts on Wavelengths? I really enjoyed it, especially since True Colours skyrocketed Steph to my favourite character in the series. When Steph's Story was announced, I wasn't sure if it was going to be closer to Farewell/The Adventures of Captain Spirit or more like Before the Storm; it ended up being somewhere in the middle. It was a decent length; it didn't take as long to complete as BtS, but it did technically have more chapters. The structure was more like Farewell and TAoCS as it had a limited setting and none of the choices you made really made any notable difference to the story. I definitely think it was substantial enough to deserve its own set of trophies but, at the same time, it was nice to just play and not think about them.


The only thing in the game that I would have liked was more clarity on how Steph and Mikey survived the storm (if you didn't save Arcadia Bay in LiS1). From what I could tell, they took shelter in Mikey's basement and were just lucky.


I also experienced a few minor bugs while playing:


1. First chapter, I changed a record, and it started playing for a short while, and then it just stopped. I changed to another record, but there was still no music until the next chapter started.

2. When Steph has the choice between anthem or pop for her song, I chose anthem. This is what appears on the sticky note, but in the first set of subtitles it said 'pop music'. In the last chapter it corrected itself and said 'Anthem music'.

3. In the fourth chapter, when listening to her song, it is drowned out by the background music played in the record booth, so I couldn't hear it very well. In the other chapters, the music in the booth died away so I could hear it better.

4. In the fourth chapter, Steph had to decide Elamon's fate. I decided to give him a fighting chance, but my 'to do' list didn't get updated, and Steph kept saying she needed to decide his fate. I went back to the notes to trying a make the choice again, but I couldn't because I'd already made it. Fortunately, it didn't have to be ticked off the list in order to bring the story to a close.


These were just small issues that didn't really detract too much from the game. Depending on the choices made in TC, the story could make Steph's arc feel all the more fulfilling or even bittersweet. I actually enjoyed Wavelengths more than LiS2, which is saying something, since that was mainline game.


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