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Trophy thoughts!


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Hy guys! There are four golden trophies in which I consider one of them being the hardest of the game: Complete the game in hardcore mode. I think in this mode if you die you lose all and have to start a new game like other games that ask for this mode too. I think the speedrun trophy is a little difficult too, but the others aren't hard at all. What do you think about the  trophy list?

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The trophies are a bit tedious but the game isn't very long.


In hardcore mode you don't have to start the whole game over again, same checkpoints as in any difficulty. Only the timelimit for every parcours is pretty tough but if you beat the first boss you can equip the best outfit if you allready collect it in another playthrough. It is definitely doable. 


3h speedrun is pretty easy in my opinion. When you know the game and their worlds you rush through the game without problems. I finished it about 1h 40 mins. 





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