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Why is the platinum ultra rare?


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not many people want to reach the end for a plat. it's not the lowest plat so difficulty doesn't seem to be a blockade. 

collectibles can be a deal breaker. i played through games that had quite alot of missable stuff would have to replay again :( if messed up.

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4 hours ago, Anxiety said:

It was free on PS+ a couple of years ago if I remember correctly which would of made the platinum percentage a lot lower, plus I think most people play this game for the horror and not the collectables and trophies, but that’s my opinion. 



It was indeed free. I was replying to the wrong topic. Sorry for the confusion. :facepalm:

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16 minutes ago, zizimonster said:

Seriously? I can't find it anywhere. It's not even listed here. :hmm:

I have it in my library and i never bought it, remember getting it through PS+. Maybe it was a EU only thing.


Found it here. https://playstation.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_Plus_games_(PAL_region) no 502

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No one else going to address that the game is absolutely terrifying so the percentage is probably weighted by people who thought they were brave enough to finish it then nope'd out at the first monster encounter. 

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It’s a horror game (actually, 2 horror games) that have collectible trophies that virtually necessitate using a guide to get them.


A lot of folks won’t want to ruin their first play-through by using a guide, (given that horror is the genre where the experience is most harmed by doing so,)… but they are also quite stressful games to play, due to the content.

 I’d suspect a lot of people never end up going back in to do a collectible mop-up playthrough.


That’s certainly true for me anyways - I have almost all the trophies except the collectible ones!

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