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Good Listener (PoG) trophy glitched.


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Not sure if anyone else had this issue, but after i collected 20 phonographs on PoG the trophy didnt pop-up. At first, i didnt finish the quest where you have to give up few phonographs to complete it and collected all of them (it should be 23 i guess). Sadly the trophy didnt pop-up before or after i finsihed the quest anyway. Im trying to unlock it atm during Murder on Eridanos (because i heard there are phonographs that should count towards that trophy as well). For now im at 26 altogether, yet nothing is happening. If anyone had this or similiar kind of experience with Good Listener, could you give me some info or possibly way to fix that glitch? I would really appreciate that. :)


EDIT: Nvm. Instead of trying to fix the glitch, I fought the glitch with another glitch. Unlocked the trophy using the Saving trick. :D

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