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Game thoughts?

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As someone who absolutely loves card games this game looked stunning when I first saw it on Youtube. The art style and character models are amazing and I get really hyped to play this game when looking at gameplay.


But what's everyone's thoughts on this game so far? Does the game offer enough for you? And doesn't it get repetitive too quickly? I've tried the demo and while I think the game is good I can see it becoming somewhat boring after a while.


But let me know what you guys think!

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Well to start you have to know that it ain't a "card game". It a JRPG that uses cards in place of models you could say. I never felt "man this is just horrible" but it is hard to recommend unless you're someone who goes into it willing/wanting to like it. Story is largely basic. Gameplay needs further difficulty. It doesn't overstay its welcome though being about the right length. 

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