The Ultra Rare Cleanup 2022

Ultra Rare Cleanup 2023 improvements   69 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the Quarterly Most Wanted Bounty system remain in 2023?

    • Yes, the Bounty system is ok as it is, with interchangeable games every quarter and a small list of fixed bounties
    • No, I prefer a fixed Bounty system from the start
  2. 2. How many game entries should Tiers have in 2023?

    • 5 entries per tier
    • 10 entries per tier
  3. 3. In case of a Quarterly bounty system, which option do you prefer?

    • 2022 version (10 new bounties each quarter)
    • Hybrid (all bounties are shown at the beginning of the event, structured on quarters. Bounties will gradually expire)

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On 30.11.2022 at 7:08 PM, ShadyWARcotix said:

Update: At first I will swap Jet Set Radio with Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered because my ps3 controller have a little stick drift and I can't do the graffities :/ 

and it's done. After 80 hours my 350th platinum milestone is finally here and it's Trackmania Turbo.
What a game man.. I heard crazy stuff about this game before I started but the learning curve is crazy on this one. You are getting better and better with every track but I don't know If I'm alone with this but for me the RED tracks were harder than the BLACK tracks.

The hardest tracks which are on my mind are 125, 130, 178, 180 and maybe a few more. 190 was ass too and btw... fuck multilaps and beach tracks and thanks to @Dzware for abusing his ghost
1f601.png and sharing my pain and journey here and there and oh... the finish line on track 200 STILL SUCKS

Here are my 50 TM green medals and peace, see you next time! 



Tier 2 list:

- Yakuza 4 (PS3)
- Silent Hill HD

- Red Faction Guerrilla R-emars-tered

- Grand Theft Auto IV

- Driver: San Francisco

- Yakuza Dead Souls

- Vin Diesel Wheelman

- Trackmania Turbo

- No Straight Roads

nice job, brother 💪 outstanding milestone 


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1 hour ago, Exstruh said:

Hello Friends, 


Just found out about this thread and thought id share my UR completions for this past year. 

- Warface - 0.71% 

- Trove 100% cleanup (0.10%) 

- Neverwinter - 0.65% 

- Terreria 100% cleanup (0.22%) 

- Cod: Black ops 4 100% cleanup (0.31%) 

- Cod: Ghosts Ps4 (3.62%) 
- Cod: Infinite Warfare 100% cleanup (0.27%) 

- Ark: Survival (4.74%) 


Will be more active in this next year! 




Nice list :D Will be more than glad to sign you up for next year !


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i want to join next year i just finished persona 5 royal so i can do now those ultra rare trophies from other games like devil may cry 5 wolfenstein 2 the new collosus devil may cry 4 and some other games i got i unlocked my 14th platinum trophie but the year was fast away but i only unlocked 2 platinum trophies i going to do much better next year unlocking those platinum trophies 


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10 hours ago, Copanele said:


Nice list :D Will be more than glad to sign you up for next year !


Thanks Buddy!


Cheers. :)


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On 12/6/2022 at 10:51 AM, Platinum_Vice said:

The (positive) pressure of this event helped me to tackle some brilliant and brilliantly difficult games.


Congrats my dude! I am really glad that the event finally reached its aim - to encourage people tackling some fine games, despite of their rarity :D big thanks for sticking around and murdering them URs!




I’ve been on the forum for years but I’ve always looked up to the participants in this thread. I only had 10 URs before 2022 and I made a pledge to myself that I’d step forward to challenge myself to get involved this year ... Imagine my surprise when Copa announced that a single tier would require 10 games! 1f631.png1f635.png I nearly died. 


Yeah ok dialing it back to 5 per Tier xD It's not like this site will run out of space, Tiers for days!


Now...time to stop procrastinating and prepare that sweet Ultra Rare Cleanup 2023. Including the goddamn bounties for an entire year 😓


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Congrats Slim! I hope to get there some day, I have a personal goal to eventually beat all 200+ missions. Everything you described the game as is 100%, I'm 250+ hours in a felt I've barely scratched the surface. There's so much to do and yet nothing feels like a grind.


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