Jak 3, 30 min glitch for easy 600 orbs, working as of December 2021

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Hello there,


So, I've been seeing around a lot that the most popular method that worked for years was patched. I found a video on Youtube, recently posted (8 months ago) that worked for me. 
I followed the steps exactly. Played on PS5, the PS4 version and for the 2nd controller, like my others I do not have a 2nd PS5 controller so I connected my Dualshock to the PS5, logged in as a 1 time user and it worked, poped the gold trophy once I already had the silver, after doing this 100 times.

I am also going to throw this out there because I've seen it discussed in other threads, about legitimacy of the's a damn video game, play however you want and enjoy it.
I like Jak 3, but I do not like collecting 600 orbs, so I prefer watching something on Youtube for 20 minutes while doing this.
Instead of people talking positive things about the games, they are just focusing on "legitimate" digital trophies and in order to have the platinum you have to waste days getting the orbs legitimately. 



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