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Hey Folks.

Just wanted to Share a way to easily get to lvl 80.

This might be interessting for anyone who either wants to make Sure to reach lvl 80 (due to the really Limited amount of EXP you can get (even in Liberation Mode lvl 80 is Not guaranteed, even if you finish all the quests), or for people who bought a Used Copy without a Chance to get that Juicy +10% EXP Shard.


As soon as you reach chapter 3, the area "Queens Nest" is an available traveling Location.

Neat Thing Here is, that a lvl 75 warlock roams the inner area of this Map (Just Below the Bridges He patrols in a circlelike pattern)

The Catch:

He cant bei Killed.

Although you can fight him and win, you get a high amount of EXP (~100EXP), He basically respawns and can be fought again.


The Fight is rather easy. On liberationmode you ideally have all 9 companions and their respective legendary weapons unlocked as well as a broken caster avianna with Doublecast and Liberation Armor. I dont bother going into more Details Here, since the Fight isnt really challenging and at this Point its your Second playthrough. Just a quick hint, that If you are afraid that you wont make it to lvl80, create a Manual save on that area and move on. :)


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With the DLC, it is now very easy to reach level 80, completely without grind.
The DLC doesn't bring any new trophies, but to save the grind, it might be worth investing in it anyway.


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