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a unfortunate ending to beras necklace quest


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My character was tasked with the quest to return this necklace back to some old man to be put on her tombstone. I traveled many of miles to do so. from a island across the world to falkreath. how would such react when i showed up with said necklace? would there be sorrow? would i get a phat gold payment of coin? maybe a stamina potion! i fast traveled just like real life and arrived in falkreath at night. the fog still misty as i walked towards the cemetery to return this beautiful necklace.  as i approached the old ghoulish man lurking around the tombstones in mid convo i hear a woosh woosh woosh. what is that noise? oh well continue conversation with runil. as runil is in mid speak again i hear the woosh woosh woosh get closer. i then hear a RARRRRRWWWWWWWWW burst out. unfortunately for runil a dragon had landed next to us in mid convo slightly off screen and toasted his old creepy ass. mission failed. oh well. sorry homie. 

rip runil 

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