Attack on Completion 2022 ( And so It Begins)

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i going to make alsoprogress try for more trophy completion i do my lego games devil may cry horizon zero dawn i want to finish first my games before i even buy newer ones 


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Gonna try for 34.20 by Monday but I ended up spending a lot more time on Trials of Mana then I expected.  Oh well, still up.  Also, I wouldn't have posted this at all but I posted something here on accident so....I'll edit this with my stats later ha.

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8 hours ago, CptToffer said:

although I'm getting back into D&D again

Ok now I am jealous, as I haven't been able to play D&D in...holy crap... has it really been 8 years.  


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Hi guys. Another week in the minus. Elden Ring has decimated my completion score, setting me back to where I was 4 weeks ago. I hope I can get some easy wins this week and drag myself up a bit, not added all the news games I want to play yet. Have a great week.


Start 51.98% > W1 52.10% > W2 52.18% > W3 52.23% > W4 52.26% > W5 52.29% > W6 52.32% > W7 52.31% > W7 52.25%



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13 hours ago, Spinacheq said:

Ok now I am jealous, as I haven't been able to play D&D in...holy crap... has it really been 8 years.  

Zoom 5e d&d session…. Lets go. Whos DM?


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Okay, so now for a proper update.


I foolishly added 4 games this month.  However, I didn't do too much damage to my overall, so I'm not too upset.


Unbox: Newbies Adventure: Recommend - Slightly 

Toki Tori: Recommend - Slightly

Horizon Forbidden West: Recommend - Very

Joe Danger: Recommend - Sure, Why Not


Current: 34.17 +.03




Original Starting PCG: 33.84%
Goal:  38.84%

Total Started Games: 932 +3
Total Completed Games:  179 +1


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Monday Update


Completed 2 of my 3 games this week and made some good progress on the other. I won't be pushing to get Planet Coaster done ASAP as like half of my PSN friends-list, I want to dig into Elden Ring. Its taken a busy weekend schedule and some solid will-power not to start it already and tank my monthly gains in the process. Luckily the end of the month is at hand and I can worry about next months gains (or losses) later. :P



Everybody's Golf VR

Finished filling out the scorecard this week with every combination of course/mode/tees/cup combo which wasn't too bad is I was having fun playing VR golf. Last trophy I needed was for getting Birdie or better on all holes and I didn't have too many left I needed as most came just by filling the scorecard. By late Friday evening I only had one hole left to Birdie for the platinum which happened to by Hole 15 on the Dinosaur course. It never seemed to show up in the 3 hole random setting so I had to by the 9 holes to get to it. I can't tell you how many times I had to play through holes 10-14 before I got a chance at 15 as I just could not seem to get that ball to go in at better than Par. Eventually at 3:30am I couldn't focus anymore so gave up and went to bed as I also had to get up and drive my kids around the city all weekend for a soccer tourney. After a long day Saturday I finally sat down to try again and sure as shit I knocked it out on the first go. Platinum complete!


Really enjoyed this game and the chill atmosphere it exudes. It was really a perfect little game for my mood this week. As expected though the game was completed in about 3-4 hours of actual play and I only had the " On Time's Side" trophy left, which was to play for a total time of 24 hours. I ended up having to AFK this trophy over night and during the day while I was at work. I tried to stealth it with the TV off but my PS5 would detect there was no power to the TV and would go into sleep model. Ended up telling the wife I left the TV on for a reason and to please not turn it off. To which she just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Hahaha. Non Platinum complete!


Planet Coaster

Tried tackling the Challenge mode this week and to my surprise it was a piece of cake. Most of them came just from building up a successful park anyways. All I have left now is to finish career mode. I am almost done with the "Medium" difficulty scenarios and then will just have the "Hard" ones left. Its really been a well put together game and a lot of fun if you enjoy builder/management type games. Will likely chip away at the rest of career mode while working on other games.




2022 Goal: 90%

Starting Completion: 82.39%          Current Completion: 85.56%

Starting Platinums: 123                   Current Platinums: 130 (+7)


2022 Goal Progress: 3.17%             2022 Goal Remaining: 4.44%


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UPDATE Number 2


Starting :  71.71%

Goal:         77.00%

JAN:          73.00%

Current:    74.32%

+1.32 for JAN ---> FEB

+2.61% Overall


Good month again.  Planned to plat AC liberation and go on to some backlog clean up.  Entered the Gungeon instead and was happy to finally progress on this one.  Tough game, but a lot of fun.  Then moved on to plat AC liberation and get that one out of the way.  Other than that, started on Injustice: Gods Among US and regret this one  lol  ~ 50 STAR labs done and 190 to go.  Not to mention the infamous max and impossible challenges.  Please PS4 god protect my controller during these difficult times  lol


Overall, making good progress towards the goal so far.  Good luck to everyone progressing toward their goal.




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End of month update:


Games Started: 43

Games Completed: 26

Platinums: 27

Current PCG: 64.17

Goal: 75%


Games completed for the month:


Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC -> 100%

Miles Morales -> Platinum

Monster Truck Championship -> Platinum

Lost in Random -> Platinum

Horizon Forbidden West -> Platinum


I think I'm going to put some goals for next month here:

1. Finish one Hitman DLC

2. Attempt Kena Bridge of Spirits platinum

3. Beyond a Steel Sky platinum


I'm also going to be starting a few games with no intention to finish in just a month (Kill Your Completion 18) so my percentage will drop off, but I've been doing well so I'm ok with that.

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Update 8. 2/28/2022
Starting PCG    50.02%
Previous Week 50.66%
Current PCG    50.98%
Goal = 60%


Games -
Blue Reflection Second Light 10% 12%
Elden Ring 0% 2%
Glass Masquerade :platinum:
Iro Hero :platinum:
Proteus 15% 90%
The Chick C :platinum:
Zero Strain :platinum:


At one point I made it above 51%, but then starting Elden Ring brought me back under. I dipped into the cheap game well again, but aside from The Chick C they were all actually fun! The stand out was Zero Strain which I kept playing even after getting the easy plat. And I actually liked Glass Masquerade, too. It's a simple puzzle game, but it was nice to zone out with for a few hours. I read that the second one is a little tougher, but I'm looking forward to playing it eventually.


 Karma for buying the Chick C got me back though, in the form of Proteus. I thought it would be a quick and easy backlog game to clear out, but I'm on attempt #5 for the "see all the plants" trophy. I'm going to switch over to the PS3 version on PS Now and try it with the increased FOV next. Hopefully I'll get it before the big monthly update and bump my % back over 51%.


The Iro Hero plat was my 10,000th trophy! And my 197th plat. Made a little more progress in Blue Reflection Second Light, but Elden Ring put an end to that. ER is going to eat all of my time for the next few weeks, I can tell. I'm hoping to make Elden Ring my 200th plat if I can time it right.


Two months down!


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Posted (edited)

February started strong but wasn't as good a gaming month for me as January - real life getting in the way I guess, plus not enjoying any of the games as much as FF7R.  Nonetheless, here's my monthly update:


Month start: 45.61%

Month end: 46.05%


New Games


:ps: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - 17 trophies, 48% completion

This was a birthday present a few years ago so it's been on my karmic backlog ever since.  Big Dishonored fan, but this fell kinda flat for me; I might not have given it a fair chance though.  'Eh' was my verdict.


:ps: Afterparty - 9 trophies, 26% completion

Bought on sale because I enjoyed Oxenfree, but this hasn't really worked for me.  The tone is super weird, it has a lot of lines that should be jokes but has made me laugh exactly once so far.  Maybe the ending will win me over?


:ps: Elden Ring - 3 trophies, 4% completion

Heck yes, amazing game so far.  I'm not a great Soulsborne player but I really enjoy them anyway.


Old Games


:ps: Burnout Paradise - 16 trophies, 34% completion

This was my filler game when I was too tired or short on time to play anything more complicated.  Big Surf Island is really fun, breaking news from 2009 right here.


:ps: XCOM 2 - 17 trophies, 52% completion

Started the month by digging this up.  I had an ironman campaign where I'd done all the hard work and out-teched the aliens, so I was able to pick that back up and finish the campaign.  First time seeing the ending of this very good game.


:ps: Torment: Tides of Numenera - 19 trophies, 76% completion

Also in the first week of the month, I finished my playthrough that I started in January.  My feelings haven't really changed - gameplay is pretty janky, writing is mixed but moderately interesting, overall verdict 'alright I guess?'


:ps: NEO: The World Ends With You - 4 trophies, 21% completion

The original TWEWY is one of my all-time top ten games; at some point hopefully the sequel will click for me, but not this month.


:ps: The Last Remnant - 4 trophies, 73% completion

I have a total soft spot for TLR dating back to the original 360 version, please don't ask me to justify it.  One [day/month/year] I'll actually finish this playthrough.


:ps: Overcooked! All You Can Eat - 9 trophies, 57% completion

Had a weekend with my sister so we played through the Overcooked 2 campaign.  Always entertaining co-op gaming.

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