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14 hours ago, da-Noob123 said:

It's been a long time since I did it but I think I used an Assault rifle since the RPG could kill the enemies from splash damage and I was doing a no kill run, IIRC. 


To my knowledge hitting it with an RPG should count.


thanks for the feedback. I just do a rerun and hope that I missed one of the early levels 😁


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12 hours ago, Llobster12 said:

Update 11


Games started (Jan 1 ---> current)   (120--->133)  (+13 from start of year, +3 from last month)

Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->107) (+20 from start of year, +2 from last month)

Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->93) (+18 from start of year, +3 from last month)


Completion percentage (last month---> current) 83.91% --> 84.95% (+0.04% from last month)

Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 84.95% (+6.12% from start of year)

Goal: 85% ---- (0.05% to reach goal)


Been a long time between posts again. I always mean to do the most after the weekend is over, then get busy and don't. I have a few minutes here on Saturday, so I just decided to post now instead of not at all.


I actually made good progress and was 0.5% above my goal, but started a new game, and now I'm back below 85%. I've done mostly PS3 gaming this month with a few small PS4 titles thrown in as I try to clean up old stuff I always meant to do. I have to say, it has been really satisfying this year as I finish off stuff from a long time ago. It kind of feels like cleaning up some mess I'd left dirty for a long time and finally getting it all clean. (Though that's not the perfect example because I'm having fun doing it too).


Games I played this month:


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3) 60% --> 100% Plat achieved! all DLC completed!


Finally finished this one off. This is not my reigning longest time to completion on my profile with 10 years, 1 month(!!) of time elapsed between first trophy earned to final completion. The platinum wasn't too back and the DLC was pretty painless too. It's a good game that got overlooked back in the day and I enjoyed it a lot. It did take a while to get used to really low framerates again since we are spoiled with how much better games have gotten (technically speaking). I was lucky enough to have bought the DLC back when the game first came out (10+ years ago) so I wasn't locked out of the 100%. 


Yoku's Island Express (PS4) 0% --> 100%


I've been feeling like doing a metroidvania style game for a while so I decided to go through this one. It's pretty well done and the plat isn't hard. There are just a few annoying collectibles to get. The gameplay is totally unique though. It's a metroidvania mashed up with pinball gameplay. It sounds weird and like it totally wouldn't work, but it really really does. It's really fun and totally worth doing just for the change of pace it offers.


Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) 33% --> 33%


No trophy progress here, but I did make some progress on 5-starring some levels. This one can get pretty difficult and is going to be quite the grind.


Untitled Goose Game (PS4) 0% --> 100%


I've meant to get around to this one for a while and finally did. It's really quick and not hard. The speed run trophies are the most difficult but not really hard. They only to 2-3 attempts each. It's really silly and fun to just mess around being a jerk to everyone in town as the goose. If you want to do a chill fun game between some bigger projects, I totally recommend this one.


Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) 1% --> 10%


This is the first game I ever played when I first bought my PS3 over 10 years ago. I got one trophy, then never played it again. I've finally come back to it to complete it. I'm like 20 hours in (a lot of that is probably afk time though) and actually enjoying it. I get why everyone calls it "corridor simulator" because the level design thus far is very linear. It's supposed to open up eventually from what I hear. I like the combat and the leveling system so far too. When I finish it, it will take the win for longest time for completion on my profile and probably won't every be beaten.


Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) 0% --> 18%


I just started this game a couple days ago to play with my kids at bedtime. Starting this game is what pushed my completion down below 85%. It's fun though and shouldn't take too long.



Up Next:


- Continue my way through FF XIII's story.

- Pick away slowly and Urban Trial Freestyle.

- Keep going through Sly 2.


Happy trophy hunting everyone!




so close to your goal already! Well done!


I also have enslaved on my list, searching for a complete version as I understood it had the DLC on it but only came out in the US. But it is clear where Guerilla got their inspirtaion from when they created Horizon series...

7 hours ago, Shadowlord87 said:


Hit my initial target for the year this week also, probably going to try and aim for an additional 1% now.





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Pretty happy with this month, popped 1,343 trophies including 108 platinums,which gave me an increase of about 1.06%?  largely down to doing my birthday rainday 6 weeks early, lol


Popped 53 plats with no stacks for that, which jumped my game rank average from C to A . Also achieved a major personal milestone/goal which was to reach 100 consecutive PSN levels marked with a platinum (now sitting on 117). Now trying to attain 100 consecutive without any stacks.


Have popped just under 7,000 trophies so far this year, but will definitely be slowing down from this point... the grind is VERY real for me.. a new game from start to plat now nets me a grand total of 0.01%, lol


So my plan for the next couple of months is to:

Only complete games already started- nice theory

Not buy any new games- easy

Not start any new games- could be problematic (have over 800 F ranked)

Not upgrade my PS+ (thus avoiding the temptation of access to a few hundred new games, lol) - This is going to be difficult



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End of month update time. Here's all I completed this month: 


Ayo the Clown -> Platinum

Chicken Police -> Platinum

Ravenous Devils -> Platinum

Werewolf the Apocalypse -> Platinum

Unpacking -> Platinum

Bugsnax DLC -> 100%

Toem -> Platinum


Total Started Games: 58

Total Completed Games: 38

Total Platinums: 41

Current PCG: 73.27%


I am so close to my goal, but I am going to be starting a few longer games this coming month for the Summer Backlog Challenge which I am super excited for. I will be doing a couple more easy games first so I might actually reach my 75% before absolutely wrecking it lol. 


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I will be doing the End of Month update tomorrow morning before 9AM EST. Please make sure you update your profile before 7AM EST as I will NOT be updating them!


Update #19:


Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls (0% -> 7%):

Started my next vita game. Not that far into it, haven't had much time to play. But I will get through it for sure. Love this series so excited to play it.


Final Fantasy XIV (52% -> 52%):

Triple Triad Cards 230 -> 233

Was on vacation last week so not much got done. Got a few more cards, working on unlocking more. Going to start unlocking the lvl 80 alliance raids and level 70 8-man raids. So much to do lol.


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