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Hullo all, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to activate the event where King Carefree and Shambles swap places and was hoping someone could help me. The guide I'm following has conflicting information: it claims the event can be triggered after putting one part in the rocket, but the event explanation itself begins with the implication that you have already finished the rocket. The wiki page mentions being away for a long while, but I'm fairly sure I've done that by spending several in-game weeks faffing around finishing up all of the Technopolis events. From googling around, a thread on GameFAQs suggests two possible triggers: one being completing the Eco Club Quest and the other chatting to the King at night where he'll mention wanting to try acting like a commoner. Both of these I've already done.


I'm going to keep experimenting with different stuff and see what happens. I'm assuming I haven't completely missed this quest as the OP in the GameFAQs thread does mention they managed to get the quest active after finishing their rocket, which is where I'm at in terms of the story. If anyone with the plat or previous experience with this game knows what the trigger is and what I have to do, please do let me know! Of course, if I find out myself I will edit this post and make it blindingly obvious so nobody else has to bumble around like I am lmao


EDIT: This is the last event (well, two-parter event) that I need to have collected all the love. I'm ever so close to plat and it's rather frustrating that nothing I do seems to be working.






Apparently whinging about this on PSNP seems to be the trigger. What the heck. 🤔

So... I had just been in Castle Town and:
- Spoke to Shambles, showed him the King's Card and his own (usual dialogue).
- Spoke to the King in his room at night while he was drawing, showed him Shambles' Card (which he ignored).

- King wouldn't talk to me before/after drawing and would only mention the birds he feeds when I talked to him in the morning.
- Got fed up and walked all the way over to the Eco Club. They were all lounging around and rushed to attention when I walked in.

- Tried showing each member both cards and the Moon Tear - nothing got a response.

- Decided to try showing the Moon Tear to the Minister and walked back to Castle Town.

- First screen of town, I see that Shambles and the King have now swapped over (he's sleeping next to the fountain. Should also point out it's the night of Leavesday in case that makes any difference.)


Going to assume the trigger involves you spending time away from Castle Town and interacting with NPCs far away and then returning, or it had something to do with my interactions with the Eco Club? Maybe the Eco Club event only finishes if you return after getting the hidden treasure and that's what frees up the King? Maybe in all my bumbling with showing cards to characters, something finally clicked?


In a way, this is weirdly fitting. This game is very obscure and I can't put my finger on what exactly made this event finally happen. Time to get the plat I guess!

Would like to keep this topic open, both so people can laugh at me, but also in case someone knows for sure what triggers this event so future players don't go onto the internet and make a thread they'll only end up editing five minutes later.

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