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(so, this is something that's in progress, but i need to publish it so that i can save it. sorry for the problems)


Well hello there!


In my (not-so-many) years of trophy hunting, i pretty much played too many games, and now i have a pretty big checklist of games i loved, hated and dropped.

These couple of months i've been trying to stop getting more games and only complete my registered ones because, y'know, getting that high completion rate is pretty addicting!
As of writing this, i'm in a break from gaming becaus of burnout, so that sucks.
So now, i'll be detailling pretty much every game i completed, so as to give me a pat in the back and, so as to say "good job" to myself and, hopefully, give me some stimulus to get back to trophy hunting. 


:circle: :square: PLATINUMS (also 100% games) :triangle:  :cross:


A Winter's Daydream



This game, i gotta be honest, i just got for the Easy Platinum, which is a shame, because i think i shoulda given it more of a chance; the art and music are pretty decent, although it also feels kind of amateur-ish, which is a given due to it's smaller team and release.
Still, it took me an hour to fully complete, from start to end, and skipping all scenes, so if you want a fast plat and one that stacks (multiregion in both Vita and PS4), i think this might interest you.

Maybe when i get the regional variant plats, i'll give more attention to the story, or maybe i'm just not into VNs.


Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed



If i could describe this game in a single word, it would be FUN FUN FUN!
With it's setting being the otaku haven of Akihabara, Akiba's Trip gives life to a recreation of both the legendary district and the people that roam it's streets every day; be it for a rare figurine or looking for those good cosplay photos, Akiba feels alive and the fighting system, which relies on chiping away armor pieces of your enemies and stripping them in an over the top way to claim victory, feels good, rewarding, and even addictive.
The story it's characters, while non serious in many moments, are pretty decent, with one of it's routes even elevating the narrative above what i expected, and it was certainly a good surprise.
Basically, this is a low budget portable game that knows which are it's strenghts and uses them to it's full potential, even if the game itself is not for everybody.
Please give it a go if you can!


Assassin's Creed Brotherhood




Brotherhood was a step in the right direction after II's success, that can't be overstated.
Continuing Ezio's journey across Italy, i feel like the game both deserves more praise than it has, and that it's has too many praises.
Now, what do i mean by that?
On one side, stuff that worked in II, like the setting, the characters and the modern day story are still pretty good, and that goes to the gameplay as well, with it having multiple touches so that it is the best version of itself.
Now, on the other side, it feels like this game wanted to be seen as bigger than it really is, like on underdeveloped elements such as multiple minigames (like the guild minigames and challenges) and collectibles (because the flags aren't a waste of time, right???) that, sure can add to the runtime of the game, but feel very supperficial, like ideas that no one was sure about and were inserted just because.
Still, i had a decent time with Brotherhood, but i can't say the same for the MP mode.
It's competent, it doesn't hurt anyone directly but it feels shoehorned in, and the achievements are a pain in the arsenal!
Like, i get having trophies for a core component of the game, and at the time it was better looked upon, but the mode hasn't aged gracefully at all.
If you gotta play it, play the Ezio Collection version.
Also, still getting 100%, so still not done.


Assassin's Creed III Liberation




NOT to be confused with it's remaster, AC III Liberation was pretty...
weird for me.

Both the characters and the storyline is HARD to follow, even if the story itself is pretty simple, and the gameplay was, of course, filled with gimmicky controls (stealing money from NPCs and opening letters was a nightmare, let me tell you that).

I have to admit i feel pretty proud of this one though, due to it being one of my first Vita games, and it being pretty rare, completition-wise.
Also, this has Multiplayer, for SOME reason.
All i can say is that you PLEASE get the remastered version.
(Probably gonna get the remastered platinum sooner or later)



Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag




God, i wish this platinum was rarer.
Honestly, this is one of my favourite games ever, it's just so FUN.
Even if the main character isn't an Assassin until the last missions, being a pirate it's just fun and it has so many activities to do and complete!
Also, hot take: i really liked the modern day gameplay!
Being puzzle focused and getting to know more about how the modern public sees the whole Assassin vs Templar confict is pretty entertaining.
Also, i hate the multiplayer trophies, lvl 55 took ages to do, but at least i got it solo, even if i still have nightmares about it...
TL;DR: Please play this.
(Also, i have the 100% of the DLC, i am not touching the PS4 version for now.)




Batman: The Telltale Series



Gotta be honest, i got this on PS Plus.
Still, i think the story was pretty good, focusing on the duality of Bruce Wayne and how he forms a pretty unique path as The Batman, while also seeing new versions of some of the most emblematic members of his rogues gallery.
Things like the glitches didn't affect me too much...
until the final fight.
The illumination effects corrupted and i didn't notice, so that was fun.
Still, i pretty much recommend it for the Batman fans that want to see a more different version of the Caped Crusader.


Cybarian: The Time-Travelling Warrior



Anyone wonders why Ratalaika games have good artworks, but are pretty simple and pixely?
Like, i got this for the easy platinum, i suck, yes.
But at least i know smaller development teams get more exposure and earnings, so that's actually pretty good!
So, pretty much it's a screen-by-screen beat-em-up that doesn't save your progress, for SOME reason.
You want an easy platinum?
This is pretty easy, and i won't judge.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc




I bought these games in a digital sale, and i never regreted it.
Being a pretty good (and decently long), visual novel/adventure game, this game has so many twists and turns in it's narrative, that i actually don't know where to start!
All i can say is that, dark and silly as it is, this is one of the best games in the Vita and you should definetly check it out.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair



So, to the untrained eye, this is a retread of the first game; teenagers trapped in a death game, but now in the beach.
Now, i played it and i can say it's really the better game when looking at the original one, using the supposed retread concept and twisting it to reveal a much darker and innovative narrative that takes what worked from the first game and builds on it.
Also, this was the start on Danganronpa having different minigames to push the runtime for several hours, which is appreciated.


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