A really weird game, availability and weird discoveries

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This game is only available in the German, Russian, Australian and Kiwi (surely they won't mind the kiwi use) stores of the European region. It was easy to find out that the game is not PEGI rated, so that puts it out of almost all other european stores (but strangely the game is PEGI rated for xBox).

Delving more into that I found out that submitting a game to PEGI would cost 260€ for a game under 450MB, and 2,100€ plus 1,050€ for each platform for a larger one (so a PS4 + Vita game would be at least 3.150€). This was a really high cost for small indie developers, so there was a new almost worldwide ratings scheme for digital games introduced in 2016, IARC. Microsoft and Nintendo joined in 2016. Sony joined in 2020ish (way to go Sony they really support small publishers, we know that the fanboys will surely say that). Even juicier, Sony did not apply Vita games to IARC, which means that the decision to axe the Vita was taken way back than this, as applying for something like this would take some time for both sides (IARC and Sony) and it wasn't just dealt with a few days before. PEGI also removed at that time the cheaper fee for smaller games, so any Vita game from mid-2020 had to pay a larger fee to get a rating (while getting it for free on the PS4). Now you know why the "friends" at Ratalaika dropped the Vita (and being latin he surely found out by backdoors what was really happening, I would 😂😋😁, for that I have to give them credit).


On the game itself, I read reviews ranging from brilliant to crap, guess I'll probably never find out for real.




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