Overcoming the Nemesis trophy glitch

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Hi guys.

Today, I get this trophy in a weird way, I just was exploring 
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in search for a optional Aeon. When I encountered a random battle and killed a weak enemy. It pops the trophy Overcoming the Nemesis, I can´t believe this was the right way to obtain it because was very easy and out of context, so I read the description of this trophy and realize this trophy is more difficult to obtain because of the enemy which gives this trophy is much stronger. So I wanted to share my first glitch trophy with all of you.

Sorry for my english since it's not my native language.



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man im only just seeing this and how i wish i could tell you how lucky you are...


I personally actually went through and beat nemesis and didnt get the trophy...  and you didnt even have to fight.... 😂


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