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New Year's Genshin Impact booster Giveaway


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Happy Holidays y'all!


I received a promo code for Genshin Impact and thought I'd do a small giveaway here in hopes someone could use it. Details of the code are below in the spoiler.


Rules are simple. One entry per person. Participants must be a member of the site for at least 30 days and have at least 10 forum posts (no spamming please).

Drawing will be random on New Year's day.


To Enter


Share a holiday gift you received this year (post images if you want) or share a New Year's resolution



With your bonus code, select one of these items:
-Adventurer's Experience: Character EXP material. Gives 5,000 EXP
-Mystic Enhancement Ore: Weapon EXP material. Gives 10,000 EXP
-Adventurer's Breakfast Sandwich: Increases all party members' ATK by 160-228 for 300s
-Northern Apple Stew: Restores 30-34% of Max HP and an additional 600-1,900 HP to the selected character.


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