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thinking of starting this


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You'll be in one long grind, but the good thing it's all pretty much solo single player stuff. If you played the original game you can import stuff that would shave time off of the plat. Not sure if the shutdown affected it.


The multiplayer stuff is easy, you don't even really need another vita as you can just start the adhoc stuff solo in an empty lobby and kill the boss in a few hits once you maxed out. If you wanted to play a monster hunter clone with a few spins to it give it a shot.

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20 hours ago, CraigAaron said:

any advice with getting platinum? only way i be able to get multiplayer stuff done is ad hoc via another vita with it being afk 


the question is should i? 


thanks all


You don't need another Vita. You just go into Ad Hoc mode in game and play stages on your own. Be aware that being in Ad Hoc means you don't AI allies and also that missions without a boss enemy won't count towards the 20 missions you need to do in Co-Op (Ad Hoc).


In terms of advice for Delta. Join Sanctuarium and aim for for getting yourself a blood build like this: Chthonian Claw+, Regenesis Seed+ (3 star) x2, Godwood Amulet+ (3 star), Cottonwings+, and Princess' Mask+ (3 star). Use sigils which boost your blood damage (the divine ones) and when you reach LV100, trade the levels for the Blood Heart sigil which will boost your blood damage by 110%. Use the Sanctuarium seal to boost your damage and defence further. You might be tempted for the hand slot to use the +50% damage sigil, but the +85% I think it is defence sigil will serve you better for the real big fights. Be Divine Arm IV which requires your light level to be 15 levels higher than dark, but make sure to have dark levels to increase your damage. 58/42 is the optimal distribution. Sympathia and Aegrus are the best allies to use, who you recruit through the Sanctuarium story pacts. 


To get the + versions you need to get the gold versions and then a testament, more specifically a Sanctuarium gold testament for all of the above, which will drop for you due to you being Sanctuarium. I'm not all that sure how good Blood is early on if you're starting from scratch, but after beating Magusar and sacrificing him you'll be able to use Sanguine Demonshot+ (after you upgrade the gold version it gives you) which will serve you until you get the Claws from one of the DLC bosses. The seeds are in the build to regenerate your health from the damage your blood weapon causes. The stone armour slows your attacking speed down but also makes it so most attacks won't interrupt you meaning you can just keep smacking enemies. Cottonwings will give you the power to move around quickly even if slowed down by the stone armour. Princess Mask heals you heavily if you are low on health, but the main function for it is for you to heal allies at the end of the stage as healing them with it will give you up to 3 bonuses which will add +40 to your end of mission ranking. 


Use the above to complete all the missions in the game (when there is a split, sacrifice a boss first, do the missions that unlock, and then save them and do that path) and get the 50 accessories. You can get a bunch from the shop though the high INT ones you can ignore. The rest come from blank pages which you can get a whole bunch on easy and normal pages, but you will ultimately need to the high level pages to complete getting the 50. It is a a long and annoying process. Once you're all done with that all the challenge is finished and you just need to point grind in the Maze so do that with Sanctuarium. Then swap factions to Grim and get your levels to 50/50. Use Drubbing sigils. Continue to use blood boosting sigils though having a dark and light one ends up better than 2 of a type. Use the hand sigil that allows you to equip an extra offering of a type. Your heart sigil is heavily weakened (down to a 10% boost) but continue to use it. Your damage is taking a massive hit, but as you'll only be doing the first 3 stages of the Maze over and over again which feature weak enemies it ain't anything to worry about. Once done with Grim, swap to Avalon and do them and you're done.


For the Maze you should change the build to: Magic Hairpin (M) (LV3) x3, Chthonian Claw+, Regenesis Seed+, Mirrorwaif's Apple (L) (I think the + is unneeded as all it does is increase damage wihch you don't want. Summon minions with the Apple. Use a seed to give you regen. Then Use Magic Hairpins over and over to detonate the enemy when the apples attack them. Don't break the hairpins until stage 3 however as each stage you do spawns a mushroom you can use to get back charges for your hairpins. The exception is if you notice the blue bunny spawned on the map, then you can break a hairpin and sacrifice the bunny to repair it to full (it repairs 1 hairpin). The Claws are there for cleaning up the bosses once you are done grinding points on them with the hairpins, though aim to destroy boss parts with them for some extra points. The two bosses with the tentacles are an exception if they show up though as you don't want to hairpin them, rather just keep destroying their tentacles. After destroying most of them if you let them dig them into the ground they'll regenerate the tentacles for you. In terms of allies you could forgo them entirely but due to stage 3 becoming more annoying as a result I wouldn't. I would however make sure you don't take any allies that have Venom offerings as that would mean they could detonate the enemies and that is bad as you won't get the credit for it and thus no points. You can feed whoever you pick the items they have on them to quickly raise their affinity (don't take C affinity guys with you). Sanctuarium allies are the better ones to use as they are more durable. Make sure you do you do whatever action matches your allies with the bosses, so always save if you have 2 Sanctuarium allies. 


In terms of how doing all the above feels. The game is very long and doing the first Soul Sacrifice, which takes a bit over half the time of Delta to platinum, only slightly shortens the time to 100% Delta (5 hours, maybe 10 at a stretch). There is a huge amount of missions to do and once done with that you have the Maze grind which is repeating the same action over and over. If you do the Maze optimally then I think it takes 4 hours to do each faction, less for Sanctuarium if you followed the above as you'll have a head start on points. If you can't get 350-400 points every 7-8 minutes run in the maze then obviously it is going to take you longer. It took me like... 75 hours I think it was after transferring over my Soul Sacrifice data so expect 80-100 hours depending on your pace. 

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