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So, im not really one that i do this a lot, but, a few moments ago, me and other players tried to get all the online trophies, so far we got almost all of them, the issues starts went we tried to use the "quick match" option for the "Quickly Matched", no matter how much we tried, none of us could be able to connect or using the option, giving us a constant "current members 1/6", so we were pretty loss on this

so, i was wondering if anyone has problems using this option or if there is a specific way to use it, because as far as online goes, none of us got connection issues or lagging, as much, one of us is from japan and we could invite him and play with him with no issue, any clarification about this in general would be deeply appreciated

Edit: so, after a little consulting, it seems that the quick match is indeed region locked and i can only get the trophy with people that has the same region of the game here, so now i understand why we could play without issues on the other modes but not in the "quick match" option, which i honestly think that is bullshit, the game could at least give you the option to change the setup before looking on a quick match anyway, but at least i know that, so i can try to see if i can find some people to boost this, i hope


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