[Video] Platinum Trophy Guide! (PS4/PS5)

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Sakura Succubus IV is a very easy and honestly really "silly" game.


Overall, I would give it a 1/10 difficulty if you follow the guide, and it takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete! 

First thing you want to do is go into preferences and turn on skip unseen text, transitions and after choices. Now put text speed and auto forward time all the way to the max.


1.Maybe you have a point.

1.You could never disappoint me, Hifumi.

1.Have a bath.

1.Sure thing big sis.

1.It looks adorable.

1. Why don't you try gentler approach.

1. I thought it a good story.

2. Of course it won't I'm a gentleman.

2. Begrudgingly accept.

2. I don't know if that's the best idea.

2. I doubt that.

2. Sure I'll give it a try.

5. If I get killed by the speeding volleyball...

1. Hang with Cosmos.

1. Its fine don't worry.

1. Actually you're heavier than I thought.

2. I'm sorry if I did anything to upset you.

2. Sure cross my heart.


Thank you, guys, I hope you enjoyed the guide! Message me down below if I can do anything to help! Peace and have a nice day. 







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