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Hi everyone, how do you get the ingredients for the 3 final Jobs obtainables through alchemy? The record enciclopedia Is the last trophy i need and somehow i still don't have enough ingredients that are required to start the fusion and i don't even know how to "trade" items like i've seen wrote in some guides. Sorry for the poor english and thanks for any help


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ok if anyone will ever need these information i'll wrote them down here because i was stuck.


To trade materials you need to use the alchemy and go to Samira. I personally chose to trade all the materials at once so i was 100% certain that i wouldn't had to farm something.

Also i never received any letter from the anesthesist himself saying that it would wait for me to visit him in his hospital bu somehow i still received the job. In some guides it's written that you have to manually find him and reclute him while for me it wasn't necessary. Also i didn't know that the kid was a job so i thought that there was a bug with the anesthesist that wouldn't send me the damn letter. Then i found out that i was missing only the kid and the 3 alchemy jobs. 


Also for the alchemy jobs: they have failed only once, so i did 4 attemps with 3 successful and 1 unsuccessful. I personally sent the craftian, 1 chef and 8 merchants with almost everyone with a smile, so a great level of affection. 

Hope that helps someone that was stuck as i was.


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