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I hate to dump on a game because of one of its optional elements, but since this is a trophy site... holy crap XINGISKAN and the fishing contest! Don't buy this game if being one trophy short of 100% is going to bug you, or prepare to put in the time. It's like the minigames were made to annoy trophy enthusiasts from the far future. I'm sure there's worse out there, but you don't expect that kind of stuff from a puzzle/adventure game.


The timing in XINGISKAN is nuts, but it's doable with patience. Some tips:

1. Start every stage pressing the button

2. Whatever you do, don't let go of the button for more than a fraction of a second

3. Try to aim a little bit above the target and drop gently down on it, this way you'll drop down at the beginning of the next round, giving you extra time to react if you follow no. 1.


As for fishing, well it's just dumb luck, I dunno. Wasted hours at it by now. Haha, the guy on the old FAQ says it best:


In my previous version of this walkthrough, I had this to say about it:
"Pretty random, and harder than it sounds. Persevere and you'll get (+1)"
Having played the game through again, I'm convinced that's overly generous.
The fishing contest is in fact a torturous, arbitrary waste of time that will
make you want to heave your Playstation off a cliff into the sea, the
incessant high-pitched blip of the lure bobbing in the water ringing in your
ears and forevermore haunting your dreams. Or something.


I tried eating the Kirikiri dish a the beginning of the day, pulling back the lure after a few seconds... who knows? Is there a real trick to this or what? Doesn't look like it:


Eh... maybe if you fail on purpose when you know you got junk on the line or a big fish, maybe that helps?

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