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Missable trophies


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Sort of yes, if you make backup saves at the right locations. Just make sure to not make any factions hostile (especially Sublight or Halcyon), as you may not get their quests if they are.


- During Stranger in a Strange Land, you have to divert power to Edgewater, get the deserters to return, and then leave Reed in charge. Killing or disposing of Reed now will lock you out of a trophy later.

- During Passage to Anywhere, when you first get to Groundbreaker, make a save. Talk to Udom and turn in Phineas. This will start a series of quests that lets you get The Cartographer. Once it pops, you can reload your save.

- During Radio Free Monarch, make sure you do all the side missions that Sanjar and Graham/Zora give you before heading to the radio tower, and side with Zora whenever possible. Save before you give the targeting module to anyone. Give it to one side or the other, then load your save and broker peace between them. This will get you both Monarch Abides and Peace in Our Time.

- During Long Distance, make a save before sending the signal from Phineas's lab. Go back to Edgewater and kill Reed, then return to the lab, send the signal, and do the follow-up mission Foundation. Load your save, and send the signal without killing Reed. This will get you both Ludwig was Right and Mightier than the Sword.

- During Kept Secret but Not Forgotten, make a save before skipping the Hope. Consume at least three Adrena-Time, and let them wear off so you go into withdrawal. This should lower your Intelligence enough to unlock dumb dialogue options. Use these to skip the Hope into the sun and earn Sunburn, then reload your save.


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