Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

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16 hours ago, mcnichoj said:

The FTC was always going to get involved, MS knew this going in.

They just have to set up an agreement that COD will stay on PlayStation for whatever time period (ten years has been one number thrown out there) and get rid of all the old abusive AB employees.


Microsoft's plan was to offer 3 years if there was any noise and they're now offering 10. This is getting hotter than Microsoft ever thought it would. As one of their top guys said not long ago, 4 years ago they'd have rubber stamped this and it'd have been dealt with.


Western regulators realise how poor they've been in the past and are trying to finally do things right, which involves stopping massive companies like Microsoft capturing possible future sizable markets (Subscription/Cloud gaming) before they take off by simply throwing their cash around. Which if the goal would point to outright rejection than allowing it with concessions too. Meta has already been hit and Microsoft is now up. Now granted, the courts in America are heavily corrupt pro-business and would likely eventually get it through, but the CMA is a serious issue as there is no overturning the CMA's decisions.


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Its amusing watching MS bringing down COD and Sony playing down their developers' ability, just to win the argument. MS' reputation was already in the mud, but Sony dont need to stoop to that level.

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