Anyone still going for Monster Hunter trophy?

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Hey guys,


I was just wondering if anyone is still trying to go for Monster Hunter trophy besides me? :D

I'm heading into Fazeers like every other day and must be at about 200h playtime.


Just curious wether the trophy got bugged on the way and I will never be able to get it...


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In current patch (which will be the last patch since the game was abandoned months ago) two people have earned Monster Hunter. Which means that you're good to go.


I personally stopped going for it. It's a tedious waste of time which feels like a tedious waste of time and made me question my life choices. But hey enjoy the UR if you can force yourself through it


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Im at 300h playtime.. and still haven't got that trophy..



also, can i ask question? What if you reset instance? Did also your kills monster be reset??


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I got it doing solo all the way, must have taken me 300 hours or more 😀


I think the grind alone was well over 200 hours.


I did it by running Fazeer's Dungeons 60-63 over and over again.


Those dungeons have enemies that divide when killed. I also tried to get goblin maps (lots of enemies and easy to kill) and

Gauntlet setting (enemies respawn).


Unfortunately Fazeer levels tend to lag and crash the more you play them, so I played 1-2 hours at a time. Then I would close the game and start again. And once or twice a day I would upload my save to the cloud.


If the game crashes at Fazeer's Dungeon, there's a chance that your save gets corrupted and you lose all your character progress. Happened to me once, luckily I had a back-up save in cloud.


Also avoid cave levels, they can crash even after 10 minutes.


I used Dusk Mage character and maxed out my Absolver skill, and got the best equipment possible that boosts that skill.

It has a wide spread, goes through enemies like butter and kills even bosses in 2-3 hits.


I think I got 4000-7000 kills per hour when in a good dungeon that way.


I also put only healing skill on pet, since other skills tend to increase lag.


And when on those levels, never open menu or map, framerate goes to awful after that.


I never reset instances, so not sure what happens when that is done.

So in short:


1. Play Fazeer's boss level 64 until you get a map in levels 60-63 that contain goblins, is Gauntlet and is preferably not a cave or that outside map (less enemies and crashes often).


2. Upload your save frequently.


3. Do not open map or menu in those levels.


4. Get a character and skill that deals the most damage to as many enemies as possible.


5. Stay in one dungeon 1-2 hours at a time, the lag and crashes increase a lot after that.


6. Be patient! It will pop 😀




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