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Uber weapon bug


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Has anyone encountered a bug where the same uber weapon keeps getting dropped? I was farming the Twin Kings for would be weapons and was getting different ones. At one point every would be weapon I appraised would be Uber White Wolf Claws and it won't change. I got 10 would be weapons and appraised them all and they were all uber claws. Is this a known bug with any fix?



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Having just finished the Uber-weapon grind (the worst!), never encountered that situation myself. I'm assuming you're not loading saves and re-appraising would-be-weapons? That will definitely always be the same appraised weapon every time, thanks to the way the game determines what those would-be-weapons turn into.


Have you tried getting a would-be weapon from one of the other boss fights, like Bad Guy's Base? Maybe get one from one of the easier fights and see if that resets the Uber Claw pattern? Or just go through Maze of the Mighty with characters that don't use claws to force another Uber weapon (or shard) drop?


Best of luck!

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Appreciate the response! I’ll try farming a different map. I could never figure out at what point the next Uber weapon drop is determined, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to manipulate it. I had tried reloading an earlier save and eventually the same thing happened again. 


Hopefully I don’t need to replay the game just for this dumb trophy!

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I’m experiencing the same thing. A little bit at least.

First I would like to know which maps can actually drop Would Be Weapons? I got 2 in Aberrant Estate and 1 in King’s Combat Zone which so far seems like the best choice for farming.


So I got 3 and all of them were an Uber Scirocco Sceptre. First one had a +1, then a +2 and then, you guessed it, a +3. Now that can’t be a coincidence.. Right? Or am I just unlucky as always..

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