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No Event Left Behind Trophy


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I completed all the events before I completed the FINAL event. Upon completing the final event I received the "Now I Am the Master" trophy and the "No Event Left Behind" trophy at the same time. However, when I go to see my trophies, it only registered the "Now I Am the Master" trophy. I have double checked that I have completed all the other events and I still do not have the "No Event Left Behind Trophy"


Could this be a glitch? :( 

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This is a common bug on PS5. Just wait a few hours and the trophies should eventually sync.

To check your real trophy progress you can cut your internet and watch the trophy list offline. If the missing trophy shows up, it’s indeed a sync problem. 

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On 1/28/2022 at 10:24 AM, lucask001 said:

It happened to me too but I had one event with no stamp. After replaying it and gaining a stamp on it, the trophy popped

Same here too. Before the current patch all events were finished, but no trophy. With the update one event wasn't. I finished it and the trophy popped :)

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