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Is it posible for someone who is new to 2K to get Platinum ?


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I have watched NBA since young age and actually played some older games on PC (NBA 2K9 and 2K10). I got 2K22 on PS4 and its amazing, i love it so far. The only problem is that this game is actually very hard for beginers, i play some games online on my other account and got destroyed. Damn, the AI are also very good. ? So, what people with more experience  think about this ? Is it possible to get all trophies, especially the online ones ? I will continue to play this game with or without trophy hunting. Thanks in advance. ✌️

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More time-consuming than skill-based in my opinion - the 300 hours in the guide is a minimum. There are 2 trophies that are online skill-based and those can be boosted as described in the guide. This is Sparta! can be done legit on weekends, when good players are more likely playing tournaments and many ppl just grind for agendas, e.g. 30 rebounds with Bogut in TTO and let you win. It seems though if you win the last game with the other players quitting, then it bugs out and no trophy - this is what happened to me. Lottery is probably much harder legit, only people who want the big prizes or the trophy play Draft - never tried this yet, but I'll go for the boost method for sure.


You will have to grind a lot for the others though, Minted and My Precious are luck based and you'll probably have to spend a lot of points and open a lot of packs for them. Geologist is possible now, if you collect 3000 cards (but for that you had to play from the beginning and getting most rewards), it will probably get much easier later on. We don't know the full requirements for Somewhere over the... but what we already know (All Ornament balls, 1440 tokens, 750 cards in total) is already a lot of time as well, but none of these require online playing. Generally, try to do every agenda or challenge or anything that gives you a player or a pack as a reward (if you don't want to buy packs with VC). 


If you start doing Domination and Triple Threat Offline your skill and your squad will naturally get good enough to beat every offline mode, just don't start with All-Star or Superstar difficulty, Rookie is a perfect difficulty to learn the tactics, moves and shot timings. Also don't start with the Challenges, most will need a decent squad.


For Domination:

- Use the tip with Quick Point 2 in the guide

- Pick and Roll a lot, get a big, Strong C who is decently quick and a good Dunker - the base Giannis is pretty good or Token Rewards Mitchell Robinson and a good passing PG, who can drive to the basket and dunk (e.g. Alter Ego Derrick Rose/Westbrook or Mystic Dejounte Murray are all affordable). Don't get greedy with the passes, if you see an opponent in the way of the pass, they will steal it 99% of the time.

- (Cheese) If you can already afford Diamond level players who go for 8-10k usually, there are a few players whose base version is not a good 3-point shooter, but their Premium cards are B+ or better and it seems the AI's defense is based on the player's name instead of the actual card, so they'll just let these players shoot 3s like they are guarding Shaq - free points for you basically. Usually 2 3-pointers exactly per player, then they will start guarding closely, so 6 free points for you per player - enough to win you a tight Domination Game even on Superstar. A few Examples I use: NBA 75 Westbrook, Maxed Out Aaron Gordon, Tis the Season Pippen, PD Token Reward Doug West - these 4 are my actual bench and they are basically 24 free points. They also let Giannis shoot 3s freely, but he's not good enough to abuse this.


For Triple Threat:

 - The AI team's strength will be mirroring your own squad's - more or less player for player, so don't worry about meeting 3 97s with your Rubys.

- AI Difficulty will be increased naturally as you get more wins and you have no influence over it, after 100 wins iirc you'll switch to All-Star. I'm on 270 and it is still on All-Star.

- Get 2 cheap Golds who can guard anyone decently and can even shoot 3s - my go to guys are base Covington and Danny Green. You can use the same slasher PG I described for Domination and just use Pick & Roll and drive to the basket in a big circle, you'll be much faster than the AI defenders and 9/10 it's an easy dunk. Sometimes you can get a quick 3 with the other 2 on fast breaks, that's why it's good if they have at least a B for 3 pointers

 - If the AI's ball handler is quick, don't bother guarding him, switch to the gold who is guarding the less dangerous opponent. The AI is very good with perimeter defense.

 - If you use a Heat Check player in your squad, the AI will also have a random Heat check player in the squad. It can be Durant, it can be a random 68 player. Since most of the players are 68-79 If you have a good Heat Check player, the AI will most likely have just a random bench player as a mirror. E.g. I got Heat Check Booker recently and I use him instead of one of the Golds, and 9/10 times I get some 74-75 player on the AI squad.


Compared to MyTeam the WNBA and MyCareer trophies are a walk in the park.

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All the ones involving my team, mycareer, and play now online would but it won’t be closed until next year. The only one that will be unobtainable first is the NBA Today trophy in current gen since that involves the NBA season actually happening so you better finish it before June cause the Playoffs are starting I think at the time of writing this.

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