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This game is boned now without online

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I am playing it right now and its just a matter of grinding out levels. The game gives you enough items through tutorials for the 'Use 6 Power-Ups' trophy so that isn't a worry.


Currently grinding level 3, which only yields ~30 diamonds per play. You can get significantly more grinding any level with a castle or gate, or even just clearing levels in other worlds as they have a larger slot machine bonus (15 world 2, 20 world 3, etc). But level 3 has a guaranteed match 5, and setup for a second one with some luck which is why I prefer it. The match 5's would take a long time to grind regardless of the online.


Currently on challenge 8 and normal level 50, so I am pretty close to being done (aside from the match 5's of course). My current upgrades are Warrior & Ranger lvl 8, Priest lvl 9, Worker lvl 10.

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