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3 minutes ago, Crispy_Oglop said:

Next up is to push on with more Divinity: Original Sin over the coming days. Hope everyone is making the most of the last bit of the weekend :) Catch you all later

Let me know how Divinity is. I have it on my shelf.


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1 hour ago, MidnightDragon said:

Let me know how Divinity is. I have it on my shelf.

I loved Divinity, but the learning curve is pretty steep and almost every trophy is missable. Honour mode is no joke, but I ended up speed running it with the God box method 😅. Also I played it local co op with my husband. The online co op only gives the trophies to the host, which is a bit of a pain


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9 hours ago, FreddySM14 said:

Update 1f60e.png


Hello everyone hope life treat you all well.

I finally done with my first game






:platinum: What's next? What do we do? Where do we go?


Difficulty 2/10

Enjoyment 8/10

Time to plat around 25 hours


Here's my experience getting the plat that may or may not contain spoilers. I'll put it inside spoiler tag just in case.



  Reveal hidden contents

This is probably the easiest survival game outhere. You can survive without need to steal, kill or go to dangerous place. That's good since melee combat is awkward and the result randomly generated. I never engage in combat unless I have firearm with me.



The trophy that got me troubled actually Diary : Back from the brink. You need to make your character mood to be "broken" then heal it back up to at least sad. Make your character broken actually very easy : just kill few civilian and rob 'em. Trying heal it back up on the other hand.. quite a challenge for me. Thing is character with broken status will become useless, they just sit and cry. You need to babysit all the time. My advise is to do one playtru focus solely for this trophy otherwise you'll got overwhelmed like I did. 


Another trophy that I'm worried about was Diary : We made a Stand. This is the only trophy that require luck. You need to survive a random event called "Outbreak of Crime". After completed 2 full playtru, I never encounter this event ever. Turn out the trick is just to set the crime intensity to High, making the chance to happen almost 100%. 


Those two the only memorable trophies, the rest I got naturally or got on first try via custom story. I enjoy the game but not sure want to call it a fun game. Dialogue was depressing, atmosphere grim and dark, bgm is eerie with distant mortar and gunfire. Character voice only sighing, crying and just sad noises. Truly portrayed the horrors of war. There's no better way to end my thought without saying #FuckTheWar.  




I'm currently playing Batman Blackgate on Vita. The map is so confusing, I think it'll be while before my next update 1f606.png 





Keeps pressing reveal hidden content that somehow doesn't work (but it does when I quote it, so problem solved).


@rjkclarkeRed Faction Guerrilla: now that's a challenge to complete (long mp grind).

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Problem solved.

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