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Relic Finder Trophy Glitched?

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Hey guys, I am currently missing one trophy in UC4 (Relic Finder) for finding all three strange relics. I collected all 3 on my first playthrough, can see them in my treasure collection but the trophy didnt pop. I loaded a different playthrough from my PS4 and collected all three again but no dice. Anyone else run into this issue?

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3 hours ago, Chron-o-John said:

Same here. Had the first two collected on my ps4 savegame but upon picking up the last one, the Trophy didnt pop.
Will delete all saves and start a fresh one after cleanup of the other trophies. 

Damn, let me know if that works for you!

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On 05/02/2022 at 7:06 PM, FlawlessNSP said:

Had to delete all save files (upload to cloud first ofcourse) and collect them all on a fresh save file 1f643.png

But did you play from the start until chapter 21?

Or did you use chapter select.

For me with chapter select, it didnt work...

My last missing trophy.

Took me good 10 hours to collect everything again still. I had plat in uc4, but with the save transfer lot of them didnt unlock...

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Found the solution finally...


So the issue is for sure with the PS4 import, but i didn't want to replay the whole game again.


delete your ps4 save profile, and leave only 1 save, the earliest maybe.

I loaded the earliest ps4 save, and without the profile it had 0 treasures.

with that 0 treasure save, i transfered it to PS5 (deleted the PS5 saves before that obviously), where i had 0 treasures with it, and in the 3 chapters, i collected the treasures, and it did unlock.


basicly, have a save/profile, where you have chapter select AND zero treasures. I guess it would also work, if you don't have any of the 3 strange treasures, when you import the save

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