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Be aware: This game's balance is another lost Millenium puzzle that has yet to be found.


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20 hours ago, Mui-Desu said:

Started this one because I used to love Yu-gi-oh games as a kid, especially The lengends reborn. So far I'm loving the game, decided to tackle the ranked trophy and OMG. The number of games where I do nothing but watch my ennemies play with themselves for minutes before just annihilating me is insane, here's an example amongs others:

Note: The game is so slow, the real lenght of the game was actually 18 minutes.
Now if I want my trophy I'll have to copy and buy some cheated deck, which will ruin the fun for me and probably some other players...
It's a shame because I'm really loving it, as soon as I'm done with it I might go for Dual Link.
Anyway, just to warn yall hunters out there what to expect from this, good luck!


Yeah i feel your frustration, im a long term Duel Links player and im finding Gold so frustrating to progress, im playing with invoked thunder dragon and love it, but keep getting munched by Eldlich and similar :D

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9 hours ago, Gr4de_04 said:

Just because you've played competitive yu-gi-oh for over 15 years doesn't mean the game is easy. A lot of us are not as experienced as you, might not know the meta, or even play yu-gi-oh for the first time.

 I gived my decklist and link a video for explain how to play this...

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