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Hello everybody!

I was wondering if anybody can confirm any missable trophies for this game? If so, would you be so kind to briefly explain what makes those trophies missable?

I've never played this game before but am absolutely willing to start it soon, however, this low rarity of the platinum trophy (almost 30%) made me think, it might be nice to grab it along the way.


Thanks in advance!



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Hello, I'm currently working on the platinum for moon myself and from what I can tell, according to the GameFAQs guide, there is an event where you gain love that might be missable. Without giving any spoilers, you must help someone build something that requires five parts and the event must be done after handing over the fourth part but before you hand over the fifth and final part. I cannot confirm this myself as I had done the event according to the guide and even then, the author of the guide is not quite sure either as they write- "You NEED to do it before handing over the 5th piece (I think)"


Hopefully this helps!



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