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Dying Light 2 First Thoughts


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Hello everyone I thought I’d give my experience of this game a written review/first thoughts and go through MY experience with the game. With all the negativity surrounding the game I thought why not add some positivity to the mix and some honest thoughts.


As we’re on a trophy site I’ll address the trophies first.


As most people can see it’s stuck quite a controversy on this site I want to address the missables first. 3 missable collectibles in the prologue which you cannot go back too is dumb if you could go back no problem but you can’t.

———Other missable trophies, the inhibitors trophies, see the thing is when you read the PowerPyx guide it makes you think you absolutely cannot use inhibitors but the thing is you can! I used 7 points on stamina and 4 on health. This gave me enough health and enough stamina to do most tasks any task I had a shortfall of stamina on an endurance booster did the trick. So yeah that trophy is no where near as bad it’s being made to be I’m just over halfway through the game and almost done with this trophy which after it’s done I’ll administer the points however I feel. 
——— The trophy for giving all 7 water towers and electrical substations to one faction a lot of people might disagree it’s stupid it’s missable yes but honestly in my opinion the Peacekeeper upgrades are useless the survivor ones actually make a difference with the mobility options you acquire not to mention sharing the facilities would make for a dumb story in my opinion as one second your best friends with the Survivors then the Peacekeepers would just make for a weird storyline but that’s just my opinion.


———Now let’s address what the most important thing is the gameplay! So I’ll be honest here I couldn’t stomach more than 1 play through of the first game to me it was just dead island with parkour however I do understand majority loved it and fair enough, but we’re here to talk about dying light 2. For me even right at the start this game has done everything the first game did but 100X better. This game is dead island with parkour elevated to a whole another level this game has more substance than the first. The weapons feel uniquely different and the mods are more fun than you could ever imagine. Applying the fling mod to a bat and launching zombies to another planet is both hilarious and has you feeling damn I really did that at the same time. I cannot describe how once you get a few upgrades into the parkour skill tree smooth and seamless the parkour feels, doing combos from a wall run to a double jump to using your paraglider to fly through the air into a skyscraper full of zombies which you then clear and climb to the roof to claim a save point the flow is immaculate. You’ve heard of “only in battlefield moments”, well I feel this rule applies to this game as an “only in dying light 2”, moment”.

——— Perhaps one of the most important things in an open world game is the side quests because let’s be honest go fetch this and fetch that is boring right? Yeah it is but this games side quests are very different you do get the occasional fetch this quest but over 30 hours of gameplay and I can’t say I’ve felt that feeling of “Oh another side quest I’d rather not do”, instead I want to do them all! Once again another great job by Techland.

——— Most reviewers said the main story is lackluster compared to the first, however I disagree in this game you get to build different relationships through your dialogue options, your decisions do affect your game and the story makes sense, it flows it has it twists, it tugs on your heart strings, it makes you feel anger, you want revenge all these different emotions whereas in my honest opinion the first games story just felt like “World gone to crap bad guy must kill the end”. However I do understand the following DLC made the original shine. So yes in my opinion I completely disagree with 99% of reviewers.

——— Now let’s address the big one BUGS.

I’m sure everyone seen the complaints about the bugs? But what we all forget is a lot of us ARE loving the game and enjoying and we’re spending our time playing it not complaining about it, trophy hunting is a niche to begin with so on a site full of trophy hunters you’re more likely to see complaints more often because the pool of people is already so small! Yes there’s people posting on Reddit and Twitter too but a lot of the complaints are not needed if your game dropped 1 frame in 10 hours of gameplay do you really need to complain about that. However on the flipside I know there’s bugs out there I’ve only experienced one and it was launching myself under the admittedly I did it on purpose ? . But then on the other side the game should have launched in a more stable state of course it did have a rocky development as well know but still they’ve had time and I can honestly accept and agree it that. There’s a multitude of bugs from trophies not popping to textures not loading to quests not progressing. Yes of course let Techland know post on these forums but the people consistently fear mongering and driving people away from this incredible game is however I feel definitely not fair. The actual bugs and issues is actually a much smaller pool of people than it seems. Yes it’s annoying having to backup saves every few story missions but what can we do except wait Techland have acknowledged this and it will be fixed. I also get it’s frustrating not being able to join friends and this should have been working from the start, but those who can would attest it’s a great experience,


I want to close this by saying from disliking the first game to loving this one Techland have done an amazing job you can feel the love and I don’t feel ripped off I bought the physical collectors edition at all it was worth every penny which Techland deserve they’ve created an immersive world which only gets better the more you explore and unlock the more things open up the more you want to play. If you’re afraid of bugs don’t get the game now and get it when it’s fixed on sale but still I felt it’s 100% worth every penny. I’ve listed the positives and the negavties and given a non biased opinion what people decide to do is up to them this game deserves a 9/10 and I hope many more people experience what I have.

——— Finally I feel this is VERY IMPORTANT after completing the game I’ve read online you can revert story decisions to clean up missables once again showing this plat is no where near as bad it’s being made to be. I hope everyone who’s played enjoyed it and whoever hasn’t that you will in the near future thanks for reading. 

Goodnight and good luck.    

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I do agree with most of this.

The game clearly made with love , game feels very different from most open world let's say Ubisoft open world game that mostly filled with pointless objective and uninteresting side quest that you have to slog through, i can't say the same for this game. Side quest of this game while far from masterpiece but interesting enough to do and provide world building at time.

the game intense feeling have somewhat reduced in night time for some reason , 1st game night time is very scary imo, you could died easily and I'd rather avoid at all cost but 2nd game it feels more relax (?)  i would say.


Again, for trophy hunting side. it has some tedious trophy and collectible trophy that test your patience. It can reduce your enjoyment a bit (eg: Inhibitor saving, worry about missable collectible)
If you play without caring trophy I would say the game is much more fun when you dont have to worry about it.

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For those who need an opinion. 


I'd give the game a 3.6/5... why? Well, let me explain:


First at all I have to say on the right console and with the right settings the graphics of the game are very good. People who are playing it on the PS4, etc. may encounter some bad graphics. It doesn't look very sharp, regardless of whether it was intended or not by the publishers. The gameplay is a little bit boring, because you almost do the same thing every time, the zombie fights aren't that good like in Dying Light 1 and you also see some bugs like NPCs with a grey texture or audio problems in dialogs. (A lot of games got bugs at the release date, so I don't really see that as a big problem.) The map of the game is very beautiful and very very big, which means you got a lot of to explore! What is your opinion of the game? Let me or us know, so people who still don't know, if they should buy the game or not, may get a better view out of it. Overall it seems like the game should have been released a few months later and it isn't really worth the 60 or 70 bucks. 


Peace out! ✌?



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