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Yep, pretty much what @cr1s said above. There's very little information about this game online. It's so great it doesn't even have a guide anywhere we looked. A telltale sign of how painful awesome it is. 8D


Anyways, there's very little I could add to what was said above. We've been trying to experiment with a few other magic skills as well, but in the meantime, we feel Thunder Rod and Ice Needle work great in tandem. I've been mixing up a few regular attack skills to try to keep the enemies at bay and remove their armor, but so far, Defense Curse and spamming magic spells work great.


The CoCblock, in particular, is extremely effective when you trap an enemy in a corner. Just gang up on him or her and whack away until you remove all of his or her armor and health bar in the process. The more players that join the gangbang on the helpless AI, the better.


One extra tip I can offer is focusing a bit more on high attacks :triangle: when fighting 1-on-1 against other enemies. This attack hits the head of the enemy and usually ends up removing or destroying their helmet after a certain number of hits. You can spam this in quick succession once their helmet is gone to keep damaging them over and over again while not letting them get away to get a quick kill. If you trap an opponent in a corner, then it will work even better.


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Hello guys, one question regarding"online champ" trophy, does it count if I play domestic versus matches with a friend? Or has to be worldwide


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Hello there. My best build to finish the game was the following:


Sword-Shield style, Human race, used the first points equally on Strength and Spirit stats.


You have 4 skills slots to play with, feel free to experiment with any new spell or attack you learn, since you will be grinding those anyway. At some point you will learn these spells, which are incredibly useful:


- Health Aura (regenerates HP faster for the team)


- Attack Aura (increases your team physical damage)


- Defense Curse (weakens the enemy team defenses)


- Fire Blessing (adds fire damage to your attacks and cures any status problems on your team).


- Thunder Blessing (prevents enemies from blocking your attacks and cures any status problems on your team).


For your 4th slot, I recommend using the Head Thrust skill, which you should spam by pressing Triangle any time it recharges. Combining Defense Curse or Attack Aura with the Head Thrust can kill any enemy or boss in a matter or 2 or 3 direct hits on higher difficulties, just don't spam spells one after another because the length time is short and you still need to deliver physical damage.










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On 4/30/2022 at 2:20 PM, ingueferroque said:

Is this game still online? I get server errors when I attempt to go to the 'Clan' section.

Yes, the game still has active servers on the PlayStation 3 console. 


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Hello, everyone. 


How are you all doing?

So, here's my experience. I've obtained 79% of the game's trophies now. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find success with an "S" ranking on veteran, brave, and legend difficulty on the fifteenth mission, entitled "Big Bridge". They're too many skeletons that spawn. And having maximum stats in all classes doesn't prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, regardless. Your AI partners are pretty garbage as well. My friend and I still struggle to get a perfect ranking on this mission whenever we attempt it. Sometimes the connection disconnects on us when we're on pace to secure a win. It's funny how it never does when we're losing. And this goes for any mission, too. Is there anyone out there that can give me some helpful advice? For the most part, here is a screenshot of the layout I've been using. And I've had a decent amount of success using it as well. 


Clan of Champions (PS3) - Set Skills


Let me know, anyone.


Thank you. 




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Posted (edited)

Well first of all I would like to thank you for the strategy tips!, it actually helped me in some missions in the lower difficulties but in the higher ones (Brave and Legend), I have had to change it to this one that worked wonderfully:

Combat Skills:

Jump Thrust (Level 5)
Health Aura
Ice Needle
Defense Curse

Passive Skills:

Mace Boost Damage 30%
STR +4
STR +6
SPI +6

With above that along with an excellent equipment that I had, I manage to beat all the missions on all difficulties with S Rank entirely solo with the AI patners in offline mode, yeah despite that beat the missions in online co-op should be easier, actually is possible solo, it's doable and wasn't that bad that I thought it would be.

But unfortunately for do that I have had to spent several of extra hours (I assume that I spent almost 100 hours on it) in farming money, gems and gear equipment, not counting also doing some trial-and-errors, testing strategies and doing some experiments.

In any case if you want to play the campaign solo, here is some valuable tips:

1) Combat Style: I highly recommend the Sword-Shield style, personally I found the best one to handle since the shield really helps to avoid too much damage that can destroy your gear or lose your helmet, also it has the combat skill: Jump Thrust which that skill is wonderfull because it do a powerfull jump attack to the head of enemy and stunt it, but aside of that it also makes you immune against the attack of the foes when you jump, either physical or magical, making perfect to either avoid attacks when you need it (mostly for escape if you feel surrounded) or for stunt enemies.

2) Get the best gear equipment: The main Target (or the "Boss") of the Mission 12: Roar of Neptune, he has the best armor, helmet, gloves, boots, shield and weapon from the entire game, depending of the difficulty that are you playing the mission, his gear is different and better, if you manage to get his entire suit by playing the mission on the Legend difficulty level, you pretty much got the best gear in the game and you will be overpowered in the low difficulties missions (and very strong on Legend)

The gear equipment (the best one that you can get on Legend difficulty) is called this:

Weapon: Earthshaker +3
Shield: Heather Shield +3
Armor: Lurid Knight Plate +3
Helmet: Dragon Helm +3
Glove: Red Armguard +3
Boot: Red Legging +3

Since this is the best equipment in the game, you can avoid and ignore in enhance your gear in the shop (that would be an entire waste of time, gems and money).

If by any case you can't beat the Boss on Legend, play the mission in a lower difficulty and get his equipment over there and then go back.

3) Farm money and gems: One of the best levels to do that is on mission 18: Sealed Gate, go with your best equipment and kill the Boss, just attack the boss to the head until her helmet fall and continue hitting her head until she is dead, with a good equipment you can finish the mission in less than a minute or 30 seconds in any difficulty level (my best time was less than 18 seconds in Legend, lol!), besides farm money is also important too for The Millionaire trophy since you need to have 1 million of gold in your hands (it's not accumulative by the way, you need to have the million at the same time, so avoid to buy something until you save the million).

4) Enhance the gems: try to collect as many gems as you can in the missions and then go to the shop and enhance your gems to get a better version but be careful because the enhancement is totally random and can fail (mostly it happens with B Rank gems and up), if by bad luck the enhancement fails you will lose your gems and the money spent in the enhancement.

BUT luckily I found a cheap trick to avoid in lose your gems and money, if by any case you got a failed enhancement, do not do anything, press the PS button and quit the game inmediately, load the game again, go to the shop and there you go, your gems and money are back again!, you see anything that you do in the shop will not be saved until you exit the shop and go back to the Preparation Menu screen, so if by any case you screw up something in the shop (like sell by mistake a gear, a failed gem, a bad purchase, etc...) just quit and re-load the game.

After you enhance the gems to a good Rank (I recommend A+ or S, don't try to go to S+ since it's just super time consuming and the effect is not a big difference in the end) then embed to your gear, choose the type of gems as your prefered (if you want more strong or magic or run faster or more health), I personally used 4 S+ Rank gems of each type embed in the gloves and boots, plus 2 yellow A Rank (for run really faster), 1 blue A Rank (more magic) and 1 red A Rank gems (more strong) embed in the rest of the equipment (weapon, shield, helmet and armor).

5) Skill Points: Something that the game never told, it's that you can level up your Combat's Skills, everytime that you level up a Combat Style you get a point, the max amount that you can get is 20 points for each style and that's it, it's limited, I personally spent all the 20 points on the Combat Skill: Jump Thrust of the Sword-Shield's combat style because by doing that, the skill become quite powerfull at Level 5, it hit quite hard the helmets of the enemies making fall faster and damage the head (and health) even more, the recharge is quite fast and it consume less MP (Magic Points).

And another thing that the game never told is that the Upgrade Skill menu is kind hidden, the menu is located in the "Set Skills" option, then press R2 and there is.

6) Attack the head only: Yeah this is actually how I killed all the enemies fast and beating the missions without so much hassle, only spam the triangle button and the Jump Thrust skill on enemies and pretty much they will die quickly, first you need to get rid off their helmets fast and then keep hitting them only in their heads until they die, try to not leave the enemy alone or change targets in the middle because they can recover their helmet and also health at the same time, so avoid that, focus on kill the foes one at the time, then change target.

7) Learn the missions: Nothing much to say here, one thing that I have noticed by playing the game is that the missions are exactly the same in all the difficulties, it only varies the gear equipment of the enemies are carrying which are better and stronger, and that's it, also most of the missions works in a style of "Waves", I mean you kill some enemies on screen which most of the time are 3 and when you kill them all it appear another wave, the only missions that are different are the "Boss" ones since you kill the Boss and the mission ends inmediately and another one that is different is the Mission 15: Big Bridge which the waves of enemies in the bridge part is quite erratic in my opinion (I think the developers screwed up the spawn points of the foes and never fixed), still that mission is beatable solo with some of luck, my advice for that mission is that you and your AI patners stay together and close in killing the enemies as fast as possible before appears the backup, if you feel or end up surrounded by the foes use the Ice Needle magic or the Jump Thrust combat skill quickly, then roll and escape, and while you escape try to "lure" some foes to follow you and leave the AI to kill the enemies, eventually they will do it if they are fighting against one.

And that's it, I think that is all I can share from my experience by playing the game alone and I hope it helps you!.

To be honest I have to admit that at the beggining of play this game, it felt kind slow and boring but after spent my time on it, it is actually a very fun gladiator game, it has it flaws but for the 0.99$ cents that I paid for it, it's wasn't too bad in my opinion, I really recommend the game for anyone looking for a cheap, long and grinding PS3 game (or platinum trophy) to spend on it.

Also the game can be played offline or log-out of PSN, I only mention this since the few descriptions that I found about this game on the internet, it makes you feel and sound like that is an online-only game with single player options but it's not, the game has 8 online trophies but it can be done easily with a boosting patner or in my case with a second PS3 and a alternative/dummy PSN account (but still it will take various hours to get them all, mostly the Epic Hero trophy is the one most annoy since you need to kill 500 human players in duel mode and that is 250 matches in total) and the rest can be done offline and disconnected by your own.

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