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From Esaka Teams (Complete!)


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Hi I've found a Reddit thread that is trying to find all the teams related to the DJ mode (and by extension, this trophy) and I thought it'd be good to share the info here! I'll post all the ones members of this site have confirmed work, and I'll edit as more are tested:



Legendary Heroes: Kyo, K', Ash

Rampage Warning: Shun'ei, Leona, Iori

Bad Behavior: Isla, K', Krohnen

Mexican Reunion: Ramon, Angel, Dinosaur

French Natives: King, Elisabeth, Shermie

Juvenile Troop: Meitenkun, Kula, Chris

Buff Bods: Ralf, Maxima, Antonov

Classic Beauties: Mai, Luong, Chizuru

Hunks: Benimaru, Robert, Yashiro

Guardians: Terry, Vanessa, Dolores

Grapplers: Dolores, Dinosaur, Clark

Bike Enthusiasts: Ryo, Krohnen, Angel

First Generation Ikari: Ralf, Clark, Heidern

New Girls High School: Yuri, Athena, Isla

Disciples of Tung Fu Rue: Terry, Andy, Shun'ei


The following don't count towards the trophy, but they do unlock jukebox stations, so if you want everything play with the following teams:

SNK: Ralf, Clark, Athena

Neo-Geo: Kyo, Ryo, Terry


It's unclear if DLC related teams count for this trophy, but here they are anyway just in case:

Rookies: Shun'ei, Isla, Rock

Egoism: Iori, Krohnen, Gato


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18 minutes ago, Copanele said:

Thanks, I legit was wondering what those team requirements were. The only soundtracks that I am missing from the gallery :D 


No prob! I personally haven't done these specific teams, but I saw a pretty legit looking tweet with these teams so if they aren't correct let me know D;

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