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....Just like the first one, i find the in depth stats and upgrades and coil systems etc rather scary and confusing, does anyone else feel the same?  Basically I feel I'm overthinking it but anyone else just going with the flow and using whatever set up for weapons, gear, coils etc?  Because its so crazy in depth its often hard to work out the best stuff to use and of course with the game being so new.  I'm playing on easy mode right now but turned it down to story for the rockbreaker side quest, he was slaughtering me.  I can compare this game to Far Cry and to be honest the stats and upgrades are a fair bit easier to understand there.  I am just hoping to get the most out the game.  I don't even know if im using the best weapons, and I could be here all day talking through my entire set up, but i know ive followed Powerpyx advice on the trophy guide and strictly invested in the warrior tree so far.  I'm sure theres many out there far worse just playing super basically sticking to story difficulty and just literally shooting and whacking everything and thats it

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Not confusing at all. Depends what enemy you fight but acid is pretty good against most, as is ice.

There is no right or wrong way how you play, the reason PP suggested warrior tree is:


1: the melee combos you unlock are needed for a lot of trials

2: you need to max out 1 tree anyway, since you need most of warrior, may as well max it.

3: there are enough skillpoints to max all trees


as for best equipment and coils, just equip them based on what machine you are having trouble with. Remember to use focus and try to take out enemies ranged weapon parts or their cores to mitigate any threat they may pose.


Enjoy the game.




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