[Video] Sackboy: A Big Adventure Tip and Tricks Guide! How to get the String it Together Trophy.

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I decided to make a guide for this achievement because it's like 6.5/10 overall difficulty achievement and maybe this will help some people get the hardest trophy in the game and a shiny platinum!


Tip #1: Replay all the other maps (the maps you keep failing) as many times as you need to master them.


Tip #2: Be patient this can be a lot to learn at once and it doesn't have to happen in one day/sitting. Learn from your mistakes and improve on what you can at a time!


Tip #3: If it becomes too difficult try to mimic or copy some of the things I'm doing and implement it into your gameplay.


For the final tip just comment down below if you're struggling and I'll always be here to help and respond to you guys looking for guidance or just to learn how to become better at Sackboy!




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