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Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 are coming to PlayStation 5 with visual enhancements later this year!

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Just now, PETMAN3000 said:

i cant have ray tracing and high frame rate on at the same time, you too?

yes that's the case, also I'm mildly surprised rt mode is also 60fps waiting for a deeper dive from digital foundary later for the resolution but this is really good for me 


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Posted (edited)

great to see 3 more games get decent PS5 native builds, some people say this doesn't happen, well, maybe they should pay more attention

anyway, I'll be getting into RE2R for the first time now with the PS5 edition, I'll play in the ray tracing mode of course, vast graphical upgrades > a few milliseconds of response time

I say this is decent as it seems that they're still using reconstruction instead of native, but the reconstruction seems ok and the overall image is vastly improved over the original versions and ray tracing support is nice, even if it's very limited

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