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Free for PS Plus?


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On 3/3/2022 at 0:14 AM, ziggypop_79 said:

I’d think carefully about dropping a lot of money in this one. 


Ghost of Tsushima is one of my top ten favorite games of all time. If you like open world adventure games like Horizon Zero Dawn, GOT is right up your alley. It has beautiful graphics, great music, solid gameplay, surprisingly good multiplayer, and a powerful single player campaign that actually pays attention to Japanese history. Stealth is good and full on frontal assault combat is also good. It is one of the few AAA games of recent years that is worth full price and actually worked at launch.

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I admit the game looks cool and has a great lead character BUT I just find the game very repetitive, especially with the combat sequences. Every time I get surrounded by enemies in a side quest (virtually every 5 minutes) it feels like the same battle, I mean how many groups of enemies do you need to massacre to platinum this? I’ve honestly lost count and I’m only on 15% completed. To the point I’ve lost the plot with the main story. Quests have got monotonous for me but I’m glad you enjoyed it. 

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