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Game Bug - Ranni's Dark Moon Spell (required for plat)


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Only 1 of the 3 turtles has spawned in for me. I have spent the last hour trying different things... offline/online mode, different time of day, reloading the game, reloading save etc.


Cannot get the other 2 to spawn in at all, so I can't get the 7th legendary spell. Need that for the trophy unfortunately. Did anyone else encounter this problem and if so, did you fix it somehow?

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In my case, I interacted with the clue panel and the door seal, killed the one on the cliff nearby, did not find anything in the southeast. But after I killed the last one on the sky in the northwest the door opened. Also I did not use fast travel while looking for them.

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Update this morning: I interacted with the panel/door seal about 5 times each, this somehow made the second turtle spawn in. Then the seal came off and I got the final spell. The third turtle didn't even need to be killed for me. Really strange... but glad it didn't complete bug me out of getting the trophy.

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