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Trophy list looks good


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No MP trophies is a good thing right off the bat. I watched a little gameplay, and while it may be pretty repetitive, it doesn't look that bad. Animations could use some work, I guess, but maybe that's the style they were going for.

I guess getting 20 S+ is the hardest trophy, but you have lots of opportunities so it shouldn't be too bad.

When the price is right for me, I'll probably get in on this 

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I'm almost done the second chapter and the game is definitely repetitive. Your moves and character are pretty slow (except for Eiji or whatever, his moves are fast) and even this far into the game you can get juggled by a group of enemies on either side of you. I must really suck at the parry move because I usually just end up getting hit, not even a regular block comes out. 

The trophies are easy, and the S+ could maybe come just by natural play, but the fact that you need to S rank the entire level in order to get the S+ means a lot of restarting if you don't. I can't even figure the requirements for getting S in an encounter : /

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