Rapid Transit: Taking over a service

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A lot of people have had issues getting the Talent 2 moving after taking over a service. There's an old thread over on Steam about this, but since I've not spent any money on Steam, I can't post this solution on there. I suspect this is a bit late for most people, but there are probably a few folk like me who own TSW 2020 and won't buy TSW 2 to give DTG any more money while they outright refuse to fix the trophy popping bugs in TSW.

Some things will likely be obvious, but just go with it! ;)

  1. Take over service and sit in driver seat
  2. Close driver door.
  3. Set reverser to neutral
  4. Set brake to 1 (5% or so)
  5. Set Contrast on centre screen to dark. Not essential, but it makes a later step easier to see.
  6. Wait for passengers to load, then close the doors.
  7. Move reverser to forward
  8. You should see the T symbol between SIFF & DB flashing on the screen (just above the light switch).
  9. Release handbrake.
  10. When T stops flashing and remains lit, apply power. 1 or 2 should be sufficient.
  11. If you've followed this list, you should start moving and can apply more power as required.


The main issues with the BR1442 not moving seems to be that the safety measures apparently won;t allow the train to move if you apply power before the T is lit.

Thanks to faneisback on Steam for his post which helped me figure it all out.


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