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Cannot find Nepheli - please advise (minor side quest spoilers)


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I found her at the castle, I then spoke to her at the Roundtable place and she gave me the Arsenal charm. Seluvis then gave me a potion to give to her and I can’t find her anywhere.


she not at Roundtable place she was before.

she not at the village place where omen killer mini boss was

gideon doesn’t give me an option to talk about nepheli like some guides are advising he will


im at a loss as everything I can find says I should be able to locate her through one of the above three methods. But no dice.


anyone know of any other place she can turn up?

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1 hour ago, TriplEEE13 said:

Talk to the character disguised as a barrel up the way. Rest at the grace and fast travel anywhere. Fast travel back and change the time to daytime. She appeared for me after I did those steps.


Thanks very much, that worked like a charm


16 minutes ago, DrBloodmoney said:

She should be downstairs in the Roundtable - down the stairs from the smith


Yeah, she wasn’t there, but reply above worked great. Cheers dudes.

....ummm, now I can’t give the potion to nepheli or Gideon....have I attempted this quest too late or something?

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