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Problem with Hircine ring


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Hi, I think I have a problem with the quest "Ill meet by moonlight". I am in the grotto where all the hunters went to kill Sinding but everybody seems to be dead. Then Sinding appears before me and talks to me but all I can say is that Im there to kill him, with the problem that I cant even say that because the button to say that does not work, so all I can do is cancel the conversation and then he talks to me again and same problem...


After that I have two choices, run away from him, cancelling the conversation every time he talks to me until Im far away so he doesnt talk to me anymore, but no more hunters seem to be there so I cannot kill them. The other choice is to shot him an arrow so he get mads at me and run away, and after that I hear him killing the rest of the hunters and the only option I have is to kill him, so I cannot get both hide and ring artifacts, which thats what I really want. I cant even unequip the cursed ring. Any advices??


Thank you very much.

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Thats strange because the guide says that both of them count for the trophy...


I loaded a previous save before entering the grotto and same problem, but this time I approached him and after a few tries trying to talk to him and cancelling, finally I was able to start the conversation and after killing the hunters, I still wasnt able to drop the ring, so I finished the quest talking to Sinding. After leaving the grotto, Hircine talked to me and gave me the ring.


After that, I entered the grotto again and killed Sinding so Hircine talked to me again and gave me the hide, so in the end I got both ring and hide.


Thanks to all of you for your advices.


Edit: I just got the trophy finishing only 14 quests, so it seems the ring counts for the trophy.


On 7/3/2022 at 7:18 PM, SlimSanta94 said:

I'm not sure what the solution is, but keep in mind hirine's ring doesn't count as a daedric artefact for the trophy.


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