Having completed Free Edition makes full game trophies harder?

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I'd like to get started on this game to get it off my backlog, and most people seem to argue that one might as well complete the Free Edition first as progress carries over to the full version. From what I gather, some trophies will auto-pop, and others require you to do certain tasks one more time to get the game to check if you're eligible for the trophies. But I'm wondering about the added difficulty of working towards all those A++ trophies, since I would assume you keep the online ranks from the Free Edition. Will the AI bots still be pushovers at that point?


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I can see this is an older post, but I had the same thoughts myself when going for this. I knocked all these out as the characters rotated in on the free version so I would just have to get 1 A++ match in the full version for each one respectively. If you are using the bots you should be fine, I finished them out with no issues even though the bots were at the highest rank with little trouble. Hope this helps! 


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