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Help with my 2nd User/Save fie problem


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I created a 2nd User to access a different region PS Store. Left my PS3 for a while long after that.


Not sure if its something I did or not when I logged back in to try and finish Force Unleashed 2. What I found was all my save files were on my 2nd User Account and missing from my original account. Used a USB and managed to transfer most of them over except for few exceptions because of copy protection, one of which  annoyingly enough was for force Unleashed 2.


Anyone encounter anything like this before?

Are there any workarounds to get that save fie from my 2nd User because the only thing I found was a Brute Force option which Ill only try as a really last resort.


More Info: When I logged back on, there was something wrong with my Main User Account. The trophies wouldn't sync due to an error and I  had to reset the account. Not sure if that's relevant.


Help please! ?

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