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Let's Talk Lore (Mega Spoilers)


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Fair warning: This thread will be for those that don't care about spoilers or have finished the game.


One of the things that I enjoy most about the Soulsborne franchise is piecing together the lore. From scraping together small kindlings of the tiniest story arc from reading flavour text, to paying attention to where you find items and named NPCs/enemies. It's all a giant mystery that has no definitive answer, much of it being subjective and left up to us to interpret. Then talking about it with other fanatics that enjoy the same, others that may have found more clues or thought of things differently That is the beauty.


My own head cannon for Elden Ring is this: We are in the painting that the Painting Woman at the end of Dark Souls 3 was painting.


"Thou'rt Ash.
Thou'st a pact made with uncle Gael.
So I wish to tell thee all.
Behold its size. This is my canvas.
It's to be a cold, dark, and very gentle place.
...But first, I must see flame.
I wish to paint a picture.
Of a cold, dark, and very gentle place.
One day, it will make someone a goodly home.
That's why I must see flame."


There are signs all around; the rune arc looks exactly like the first flame from the opening cinematic of Dark Souls, there are several areas within the game pulled from other DS games (albeit brief), Gael is a recurring name, Castle Forlorn is present, Scarlet Rot is a massive part of the game and paintings rot over time, the very sign of the great runes is that of the sun/eclipse in DS3. There's so much.


I believe that the Painting Woman died while painting Elden Ring, and could not finish the painting. Why is this? Well, there are many things left unfinished, especially once you get to the later part of the game. Banners in the sky are ethereal; painters often add their finishing touches after the bulk of the painting is completed, and these would be those finishing touches. In the last area, the animals (deer, wolves, rabbits) and even most of the trees are not finished, they are ethereal. The recurring theme of fingers as well could also be a tie-in. Or, perhaps, the light of the flame finally faded and she no longer could see to finish the painting. Maybe she ran out of Gael's blood.


I also believe the Dung Eater to be Solaire. I know this will be contested, but to me it makes a lot of sense, more sense than it being a random Warrior of Sunlight. Many theorized he turned into the giant sandworm, but that theory just never sat right with me. The flavour text on the Dung Eater's chest piece reads:

Worn by the Dung Eater. The heavy, sun-shaped medallion represents both the guidance he once saw, and the ring to which it will one day lead.


It could be argued that it's any Warrior of Sunlight. But if you follow Solaire's quest properly in Dark Souls 1, he becomes distraught with despair at being unable to find the sun and succumbs to madness, finding his way down into some of the lowest levels of the world possible. It could be that this madness caused him to turn into what we now see as the Dung Eater. Where you find him in the sewers, he says "I've been here long enough". It's clear he has been there for a while, stewing in nothing but his own madness, dung, and corpse-defilement.


Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I'd love to hear more of what people have found in Elden Ring and what people believe the cannon to be, personal thoughts on the lore, etc.

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The Key word of the core of Elden Ring is “Rebis.” I seriously doubt we’re in the

rabbit hole of a painted world, especially considering the context(s) of the Lord of Frenzied Flame and setting the world on fire. Alongside that, a painted world is too limiting for the volume of Old Gods that are contesting The Lands Between. 

Dung Eater having the potential to be Solaire or another prominent Warrior of Sunlight is an interesting degredation.


Ranni’s coup, and the eventual creating of the moon as a counter to the Age of Dark is an interesting, yet simple and potent guard against the Age of Dark. 

It depends on which timeline / ending ends up becoming canon. Every game has had multiple timelines / paths, but Dark Souls 3 showed that the Chosen Undead linked the Fire. 

There’s something weird about Radagon as well, he does not honor the wife he sacrificed for the sake of (Golden) Order by using Sorceries in his fighting style. His fighting style being only Miracles and reflecting his obsession with (Golden) Order and fixing the Elden Ring in imprisonment.


It got me thinking that potentially that Sorceries are inherently antithetical to (Golden) Order, in Demon’s Souls the Talisman of Beasts proved that the True God was a Demon, and Miracles being the Powers of a Demon. I believe it’s the Radagon Icon that talks about Radagon studying Sorceries to complete himself, and that may imply that Queen Marika is related to Sorceries. If she is, then that would explain Radagon refusing to use any Sorceries. 

Outside of Renna, I can’t really speak to the motivations and actions of the R children, but it was quite satisfying becoming Renna’s Radagon. 

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