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Deadeye & Former Adventurer (PS3)


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For Former Adventurer, just make sure to buy the dodge counter skill ASAP, and don’t upgrade it until you get the trophy. 


As for Deadeye (and another trophy that was annoying IMO, Get Over Here!), there’s a bug that will allow you to get them after the main game if you miss them-at least it worked for me on the PS3 version. Took forever and I think I shot many more than ten enemies before it popped, but it eventually did. If you use said method be sure NOT to save if you accidentally kill any of the enemies while they’re still on the platform-otherwise they won’t respawn. 


Link showing the bug: 




There’s lots of additional tips in the comments of this video as well. 


Also, AFAIK, under normal circumstances (not using the method in the video above) fast travel has no effect on getting these. Am unsure if dying would. Reloading saves definitely would though. 

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